07/27 Printables

Monstera Art Free Printable

Free printable monstera art-6

A couple things here!  One, I’ve always loved botanical art and even more love if it can be Scandi and minimal in style.  Two, my monstera is a beast and it’s my favorite living green thing in this home, so much that I literally took a photo of one of the leaves and turned it into this free printable so that you can have a piece of my monster monstera in your home too.  I for sure agree that art can be simple to make, doesn’t need to be so serious, and easiest of all can be printed thanks to Canon who partnered with me to bring you this free printable!   Read More

07/25 Decor Sources / My Home

Sources for Everything in My Workspace

On to my workspace for the next part in this mini series I’m doing for the sources for everything in my home!  This space is my favorite, where I spend most of my time working, and also houses some of my favorite things, a lot of which are props for styling blog content as well as storage for supplies and tools.

I’ve had a few people comment that it looks like a shop and I’m totally not going to deny I took inspiration from some favorite stores.  Because this is a corner of my living room, I prioritized making it decorative to fit in with the rest of the room without sacrificing function.  I really had to declutter and purge what was here before to make it all fit and it was for sure one of the most satisfying things I’ve accomplished in this home (second to decluttering the bedroom!)  Did I really need to keep notes from my college Chemistry Lab?  Why were they still in my old desk??

No, it doesn’t always look this clean, like with anything.  On any given day you’ll see notes and papers sprawled all over the top of the desk, but the drawers in the desk make it really easy for me to clear things off and organize them inside when I get around to it.  I’m working on making that more regular, ha!

Starting with the main pieces of furniture:

Monochrome Workspace

shelves | brackets | desk | chair | bookcase

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07/22 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

claremont bag

My head is already a couple of weeks ahead because I’ll be going to Montreal for the first time ever, and also it’s my first time out of the country in over a decade, and I’m raging with excitement.  So if you know, pleeease tell me what I should do and where to stay while I’m there!  I need all the suggestions and help you can give so lay it down in the comments below if you can.  You guys are always so helpful when it comes to these things, many thanks!!

On the home front, bedroom progress has been waiting on some art, and then waiting on that art to get framed, among other similarly little things, so it has felt like a lot of waiting for just a few small details but hey that’s what I like.   All the small steps have made such a big difference and it’s been more exciting than I predicted.  I’ll be sharing all of that really soon!

Have a wonderful weekend <3.


Giving away the camera bag in the photo above for one winner and a friend over on Instagram! Enter here.

Really cool concept for making your own unique side table.

My favorite kind of outfit might be any of these one-piece outfit ideas.

Really good reminders on how to get shit done when working from home.

Beautiful Scandinavian decor.

One of many things we’d make if we had a grill, plus this combo will never get old.

Check out how cool ice dying is!

07/19 DIY Projects

DIY Palm Leaf Napkins

DIY Palm Leaf Napkins-4

Forever and a day ago I had written down to do a DIY with palm leaves and here we are!  I actually tried to do palm leaf napkins with last year’s inkodye napkin DIY and it was a hard fail so it never made an appearance, but I never forgot about it.  With summer entertaining at the forefront again, I wanted to make some modern and minimal linens with my favorite summer motif, and I partnered with La Crema wines to do it!  I’m so so excited to work with them since we are major wine people over here and their wines are some of my favorites ever.  See the full post and tutorial over on the La Crema blog!

DIY-Palm Leaf Napkins
Palm Leaf Napkins DIY-2

Palm Leaf Napkins- DIY

Palm Leaf Napkins DIY with La Crema-2


07/18 Decor Sources / My Home

Sources for Everything in My Living Room

Let’s do a short room-by-room series here tackling the number one FAQ I get, which is “Where did you get that?”  I definitely agree that I can be a lot more thorough about sharing the sources for the all the things I feature on the blog, and seeing that there have been a lot of new readers around here lately (welcome!!) it’ll be good to get us all on the same page and catch up on things we may have missed, starting with my living room because I think I get the most questions about it!

Monochrome living room

paint color: Dunn Edwards in Swiss Coffee | ABC Mountain print | rocking chair | zig zag pillow | side table | gold candle | The Plant Recipe Book | The Flower Recipe Book | large planter | black pillow from H&M (no longer available but similar one here) | plus sign pillowsofa | rug | rug pad | black wash basket | pom pom throw | marble coffee table | candle holder | ball vase | magazine | The Kinfolk Home | lacquer box | small basket | copper bud vase

How to hang a gallery wall

shelf unit | Nate Berkus for Target vase up top (no longer available) | small and medium faceted vases | Elements of Style | Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes | Black and White (and a Bit in Between) | clear vases | grid boxes (DIY) | small white box with black triangles from J. Crew (no longer available) | Styled | Domino | Monochrome Home | marble boxes (DIY) | media cabinet (2 units)

Gallery wall:


Any questions, leave ’em below and I’ll get back to you!