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DIY Mud Cloth Pumpkins

DIY- Mud Cloth Pumpkins

Ok, just one more pumpkin DIY, because it’s so easy and there isn’t even much to tutorialize (??) on other than a few important tips.  Aside from that it’s seriously just painting and doodling on pumpkins aka fun.

I’ve also for a long time been meaning to do something inspired by mud cloth patterns and realized… pumpkins are a great low commitment way to try out trends or designs.  Really.  Ombre, donut, gold foil, marble, cactus, this, that- put it on a pumpkin, enjoy it, then toss it when it dies.  Easy.  Just try it.

-pumpkins, washed
-chalk paint (I used black, white, and “vintage” and got 2oz bottles from the craft store)
foam brush
-oil-based paint pen (I used white and black)

PaintSo this was my first time painting pumpkins by hand, and already we’re at tip #1: Use a dabbing motion to apply the paint to the pumpkin.  The way I’m showing it above streaks the paint around and will require way more coats to get opaque coverage, so save yourself time and dab (I did this later, it’s much much better).  The paint needs to dry completely after a few coats before moving on.

pumpkin 1Referring to mud cloth patterns as inspiration (search “mud cloth” on Pinterest), I planned out my design on paper first, then started with the center pattern of the design to draw around the pumpkin.

Tip #2: Don’t press too hard with the pen or it will scrape off the chalk paint on the pumpkin.

Tip #3: Keep the paint pens wet and loaded.  These pens have those tips that depress to release paint, and regularly depressing (on a scrap piece of paper) and keeping the tip loaded with paint will reduce any drag on the pumpkin surface, therefore reducing chances of scraping off the chalk paint.

pumpkin 2Next, I drew on the row above the center pattern…

pumpkin 3…then the row below…

DIY Mud Cloth Pumpkin

…then one more row on top.

Tip #4: Wait for each row of paint pen to dry before moving on to the next row.  This will reduce the chances of smearing a still wet row with your hand as you draw the next row (yup, this happened to me).

DIY - Mud Cloth Pumpkins

Mud Cloth Pumpkins DIY

How about that gray/periwinkle/jade/mint color??  So dang pretty.  We’ll call it my “it” color for fall.

DIY - Mud Cloth Pumpkins-2

DIY Mud Cloth Pumpkins-2I would’ve loved these pumpkins even without the mud cloth patterns because the chalk paint looks so good.  The matte finish keeps it looking more organic and just generally more awesome.  White chalk paint is also really good to use with those white pumpkins that look too yellow, which I already did with some of mine, which kinda feels like what’s the point of getting white pumpkins if you’re just going to paint them white, but I regret nothing.

Have you been decorating pumpkins or nah?  What designs have you tried, or are wanting to try?

14 comments on “DIY Mud Cloth Pumpkins”

  1. I’m surprised by how much I like that pale blue color! I’d figure it’d look odd on a pumpkin, but I’m liking it.

    – Laura // GirlWhoWrites.com

    1. Hi Crissy! I checked the links and they seem to be working fine. Sorry to hear you had trouble with them! The brand is Americana and I found it at Michaels.

  2. Awesome DIY Mud Pumpkins! I think that if you add some colour they will look really good. Of course it depends on the rest of the accessories/items that would be combined with.

  3. They are so beautiful, Amy! I love the chalk paint finish too. Perfection! I’m pretty sure I have some of the “vintage” paint sitting on my shelf and I’ve never used it. Guess I better go get myself some pumpkins!

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