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Summer Beauty Must-Haves: 9 Products I Use Everyday

Summer Beauty Must Haves

I say “summer must-haves” keeping in mind colors and staying power for those really sweaty and melty summer days, but we could also call this what I wear on my face every single day (for now!)  The idea to do this post came to me this past weekend when I was at the Renegade Craft Fair and it was a million degrees.  I was feeling extremely gross and uncomfortable from all the sweating, but somehow my face made it through looking way better than I felt and I thought yea, I need to share some of this.

Also, long time readers might remember that I shared how I’m a makeup fanatic and how I had initial plans for this blog to be about beauty.  Interesting??  Humor me as I pretend for a moment that I followed the beauty blogger route, ha!


1 | Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer

I very recently got this and it has already become my favorite foundation of all time, it’s amazing.  I have oily skin and while I prefer a matte finish for everything, I try for a dewier look in summer.  This one is semi-dewy and really looks like skin.  I only wear full-coverage foundations and this is also the lightest feeling one I’ve ever tried for such high coverage.  I blend it in with a buffer brush and it fills in my pores flawlessly, which made me notice that my previous foundation wasn’t doing that.  Lasts all day, coverage so good I haven’t felt the need to use concealer, doe foot applicator is convenient, is there anything I haven’t said??

2 | Wunderbrow Brow Gel

This was the MVP on that hot day at the craft fair.  At one point, sweat was dripping down my face so hard that I was constantly wiping at my brows, thinking screw it I don’t care if they smear all over my face.  Well later I found out that my eyebrows were bullet proof.  They didn’t move, smudge, or disappear AT ALL.  This might be the most impressed I’ve ever been with any product.   It’s intimidating at first because the applicator looks like it’s supposed to be lipgloss and it’s not the most precise application ever, but apply with a light hand in small strokes while using the spooly and it can create a really natural look.

3 | Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion

The price of this stuff physically hurts me.  It’s been years of trying out alternatives, yet I always keep coming back to this one because it’s the best SPF I’ve used for the face.  On top of the sun protection, I love it for how it smooths my skin and I also sense that it helps control my oil, which I don’t know if it’s meant to do that but for me it does!  I basically treat it like a primer + SPF in one.  If you know something this good or better that’s not so expensive and isn’t the Neutrogena one, LET ME KNOW!

4 |  Kat Von D Ink Liner

Sleeping in your makeup is the biggest no-no, but sometimes it happens unintentionally, and sometimes that’s when you realize how amazing some of your makeup is ha!  That’s what happened with this eyeliner, and I woke up looking like I just applied it.  It’s dark, dries matte, doesn’t smudge, and doesn’t flake.  The tip isn’t as flexible as I’d prefer, but it makes drawing those sharp cat eye corners easier.  I’m using this liner forever.

5 | Sleek Blush in Suede

I generally wear a cool-toned pink blush, but especially in the summer I love a peachy, salmon, nude color like this.  It brings a lot of warmth to the face and I’ll sometimes wear this alone without any contouring/bronzer.

6 | Tarte Maracuja Concealer

I’ve been using this for about 5 years now I think and it’s my favorite.  The coverage is crazy good and I use it for my under-eye circles.  I find that it applies best with a damp beauty blender sponge for that creaseless non-cakey finish.

7 | The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer

I’ve been using this one for almost 8 years!  Haven’t found a bronzer that I love more.  Zero orange under-tones and I mostly use it to contour.  It’s extremely pigmented and can look muddy if too much is used, but I prefer going lighter on application than having to use something that I have to build up in layers.  My only peeve is the packaging, which feels a bit too kitschy and flimsy, but it won’t make me stop using it.

8 |  RCMA No Color Powder

This is the best translucent setting powder in the world.  No white-cast, no flash back, it’s seriously “no color.”  Whatever I’ve put on my face, this turns it matte and keeps it matte with zero cake.  Most of the times I use it to set my under eyes and the center of my face, which is where I’m most oily.  It’s long-lasting, affordable, and works really well for that “baking” trend that’s been so popular.

9 | Colourpop Eye Shadow in Deux

I’ve been wearing this color everyday lately. It’s such a pretty warm brown that comes off peachy/orangey on the eyes. I’ll either use it as my transition/crease color for everything or apply it alone all over the lids on my “lazy” days. I’m a fan of how it feels like it’s bringing color while still remaining neutral.


I love these kinds of posts and think they can be so fun, so let me know if you feel the same!  And OF COURSE share with me your favs and any suggestions you think I might like.  I keep a growing list of products to try whenever I run out of anything that I’m always down to add on to.

07/12 Inspiring Spaces

Patio Dreams

Over the weekend, as we sat in our friend’s backyard over a delicious meal and drinks, I was reminded of my dine-al-fresco-everyday dreams and how BIG of a priority it is for us to have an outdoor space at our next home, wherever that’s going to be!  Especially during these summer months, we fantasize about the things we’d cook on our grill, the wine we’d drink out there on quiet nights just us two, the guests we’d like to constantly have over, the way we’d decorate the space (that’s just me I don’t think he thinks about this at all), so come along with me as I daydream about it all.

backyard deck


backyard patio




beachside patio


black patio


March 2013 Catalog/ Web


modern patio


organic backyard


outdoor dining


outdoor patio


patio kitchen combo


This kitchen patio combo situation is the one.

kitchen to outdoors


This one too!



pool party lounge


Backyard pool party lounge dreams also apply.



07/08 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

monochrome living roomLove a good, short week (thank you July 4th!)  Looking forward to a mostly chill weekend and gonna be taking a look around the Renegade Craft Fair.  I love love love love love these kind of maker events and discovering new artists or finally seeing works I’ve been wanting to see in person.  I try to go to as many and all of these kind of events that I can, so pretty excited for that.  It’s gonna be LIT.

Have a wonderful weekend!


A must read on Instagram etiquette and how to properly credit/regram photos.

This white and gray home oh my goodnessssssssss.

Ooo how do we like concrete countertops?

Adore everything about this outfit and I’m already thinking about fall fashion (too soon?)

Stunning bedroom makeover. I want that floor!

Really cute DIY for marble tube beads.

Some very cool minimal nail art ideas.

07/06 Monthly Highlights

June Highlights

June has by far been the best month yet!  Maybe of my life!!  If you’ve been keeping up with me regularly then you already know of one reason why but either way, let’s catch up.



Last year we had tickets to go to The Broad contemporary art museum around when it first opened, but a last minute trip forced us to cancel and we never made up for it.  He surprised me with tickets last month, which he’s so good at doing that kind of thing ugh, and it made a really cute date.

I loved the art in this room the most and discovered Mark Tansey, which my guy is now saying is his new favorite artist (Did he have one before?  Nope!)

The best exhibit for sure was the Inifinity Room by Yayoi Kusama.  It was the shortest 45 seconds I’ve ever experienced, which is what they limit your time in the room to, also made shorter by the terribly long wait time.  We put our names down right when the museum opened and were told to come back in 2.5 hours!



Processed with VSCO with s2 presetMy friends joked with me about how this photo was proof that I wasn’t expecting the proposal, based on how my nails were not cute!!

The feelings following this moment were something I don’t think I’ve ever felt before.  For this day and the following days I was completely carefree with pure joy.  It sounds so sappy but it’s 1000% truth.  I mentioned it a little in my post about our story and engagement but since then I really feel our relationship has deepened, most likely due to the more frequent conversations about our hopes for the future.  Anyways, I’m still elated, still more in love than ever, and still putting off planning the wedding ha!

We stayed in Malibu and celebrated by ourselves that night and the following day at this cute little getaway.


We visited the Getty Villa, which I’m so so so late on going to.  It was gorgeous and maybe not somewhere I’d need to go back to again, but I’m glad to have finally gone.



Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

My good friends got married and it was such a beautiful weekend of celebrating.  They’re the first of our group to get married and having all of us be a part of the wedding party was such a precious and fun experience.

It was also pretty swell that Oleg and I got to be in it together.  Have you I told you his name before??  His name is Oleg.  We look unintentionally kinda sad but this was the only shot in this series of photos we took that wasn’t horribly blurry.  LIFE.


I signed up for another session of pottery classes, which I actually cancelled and am signing up for the next session because it worked out better for me and my friends, but before that I got two pieces back from the kiln!

This little black dipped bowl is going to be so loved.  Also I think I’m going to be doing this kind of glazing on everything now.

I also made this little speckled dish and am feeling like I’ll speckle everything as well.  Welcome to my pottery line, haha!



Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

Within the madness of blogging is the jewel of being able to meet really cool and really awesome people.  I hang out with Molly and Sarah pretty regularly, and this time Sarah joined and she was only 7 days away from her due date!!  Do you see her little bump?  Doesn’t she look amazing??

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

We had lunch at Winsome, which was as delicious as it was cute.  For sure coming back here.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Whenever I’m out east of LA I have to make a few stops.  The cutest shops are out here, like Eightfold Coffee where we hung out for a bit.


I also love stopping in Esqueleto which is right next door.  Tons of pretty things too look at in here, my favorite thing to do.



07/01 DIY Projects

DIY Leather Bookmark

DIY Leather bookmark

Is summer reading still a thing if you’re not in school?  The difference now I guess is that it’s entirely by choice??  Maybe it’s the increased leisure time like quiet moments poolside or at the beach, but I get the inclination to read more during this season.  I also want to mention that the very idea of even making a bookmark supports that I keep it old school and read from paper.  Just a personal preference over e-readers!

I previously made some bookmarks out of cardstock and have since thought about coming up with a sturdier + modern version.  Also going along with exploring this month’s Michaels Makers challenge of covering a favorite trend, I went with using two of my forever favorites: leather and tassels.

tooling leather
leather lace
-suede leather
cutting mat
leather punch
Rotary Cutter
X-ACTO knife

Leather cutWorking on top of a cutting mat, use the rotary cutter and ruler to cut a piece of leather about 1 inch wide.

Leather measure

About six inches down from the top, trace out measurements with a ruler and pencil for a flag shape.  Use the X-ACTO knife and ruler to cut along the diagonal lines.  You may need to go over the lines a few times to cut through the leather all the way.

leather punch and lace

Punch a 4.5mm hole in the flat end side of the leather, then string a piece of leather lace through the hole.

suede cut

Use the rotary cutter to cut out a 1×1.75″ piece of suede leather.  With the X-ACTO knife, cut lines down one side of the suede to create the fringe.  Again, you probably have to repeatedly slide the knife over each line to cut completely through.

suede tassel

Apply a line of glue down the non-fringed side of the suede, then place the suede lace on top of the glue at one end.  Roll up the suede like a burrito all the way, squeezing tightly and wiping off any excess glue that might ooze out.  Hold the tassel tight and let it dry a little before letting go and letting dry completely.

DIY leather bookmark with suede tassel-2

Ooo, makes you want to go and read something, no?  Much more than receipts or junk mail would, though I absolutely know I’ll still use those when I’m not in a position to reach for this bookmark, ha.

Leather bookmark DIY

So it’s another small detail added to my world of seeking simple and minimal design.  The little things do make a difference, I’ll always believe that!

Check out the Michaels Blog for the trendy things the other Makers made!