08/18 DIY Projects / Printables

DIY Grid Notebook Covers- Free Printable


In light of back-to-school, and for anyone who understands the joy of a pretty notebook (all of us, I assume), we’re going back to the nostalgic art of making paper book covers.  I still remember learning how to do this from my teacher in junior high with kraft paper and it’s why I know how to do this, so the tutorial in this post is really an updated version of that.  I’ve also partnered with my friends at Canon to give you this free printable grid paper to use in either black or white (downloads are at the end of the post!)   Read More

08/15 Life / Travel

Travel Guide: Montreal

This was my first trip out of the country in over a decade, and what I hope is the door that opens up more international travel, because you bet that “travel” has been on my resolutions list every year of my life.  The biggest advice I hear on traveling more is that making it a priority is the biggest step, which sounds simple and makes sense but when we think about everything else in life that is demanding our priority, travel takes a back seat real quick even with how much we love it and want to do it always.

Had it not been for O needing to go to Montreal for work, we probably wouldn’t have made this trip happen, but that realization made us reason that we should take advantage of it, extend his stay after work with me joining later, and make this our 2016 summer vacay bash.

I loved Montreal and am so grateful we had this chance to go.  It’s a beautiful city, the weather was perfect (not the case at all in winter I hear), and the food was bomb.  This trip was largely eating at as many places we could, mixed in with a bit of wishing badly that I had left room in my luggage to bring more stuff home.  I don’t think the chair I wanted would have had any chance of coming back with me though.

Everyone we came across spoke both French and English, which was fascinating how fluidly bilingual this city is, and everyone was super willing to guide us on what to do while we were there.  Even being very prepared on where we wanted to go from all the research we did + suggestions from O’s local coworkers + suggestions some of you left on the blog + much help from my friend Jan who was a local, a bunch of you guys sent me DMs on Snapchat and Instagram during the trip with more tips that totally helped us do some really good stuff, so thank you!!!  Hopefully this will help any of you already planning to go, thinking about going, or encourage you to put this destination on your list.




Old Montreal is the main tourist attraction, which becomes more apparent with the souvenir shops closer to Place Jacques Cartier, but it is still so so pretty to walk through with lots of cute restaurants and buildings to admire.   Read More

08/05 Friday Finds

Friday Finds


You are maybe so sick of hearing about this but you still might have a strong opinion on it and I want to know about it.  This Instagram stories thing has me all riled up.  My first reaction to the news was heck yes IG is now a one stop shop, but seeing how wayyyy more people will now see the story on IG that I would’ve posted for a more intimate group on Snapchat, I’m finding myself almost feeling afraid to share the more weird or personal stuff on IG stories.  Do you feel me?   Read More

08/04 Shop / Style

Travel Essentials

I’m leaving for Montreal this weekend and I’m SO PUMPED that I planned to start packing by now but haven’t started yet because that’s just what ends up happening.  Only the mad rush of the last minute gets me motivated enough to pack, but through all that I’ve come to know my go-to gear, my essentials for simple organization and comfort while keeping style in mind.

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08/01 Monthly Highlights

July Highlights

The hottest, sweatiest month yet, amiright?  Spent a ton of time outdoors which is a super favorite, but also I’d like to stop melting!  It’s a tug between loving the slower times of summer and wishing for the best season of them all (Fall.  You love it too, I know.)

Here were some of the best moments of last month!




I try to go to every maker market event I possibly can and Renegade Craft Fair was the big one of summer.  I LOVE seeing the works of other makers and my favorite discovery by far was Lustered Walnut oh my goodnessssssssssssss.  Some of the prettiest pottery I’ve ever seen.  This photo is garbage compared to how gorgeous these pieces are in person.  Also, this was by far the hottest day of summer I remember it SO clearly.   Read More