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Hanging Chairs

Hanging Chairs

This is one of those things where I don’t realistically see myself getting one, at least anytime soon, but I still freaking love them.  I remember first becoming obsessed with hanging chairs after seeing Emily Henderson use them in her designed spaces, and like with all things she touches, I must have it.

Besides hanging chairs being so unique and fun, I love how they’re shaped to enclose you in, like a cocoon.  I find that so comforting and cozy, and I can easily imagine kicking back in one with a drink and relaxing the summer nights away.  Wouldn’t you want to do that in any of these?

Hanging chair in SF apartment

Hanging chair in mid century ranch

Hanging chair in bedroom

hanging chair in the living room

hanging chair Scandinavian style

Hanging chair with a view

outdoor hanging chair

Rattan hanging chair

white hammock chair

Hanging chair in an LA bungalow

Hanging chair

Hanging chair, Kelley Howley

So what do you think of hanging chairs?  Which of these is your favorite?

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20 comments on “Hanging Chairs”

    1. Those sound amazing!!! I love hammock chairs and they would make a great alternative to a reading nook chair. Hope you’ll be sharing what they look like!

    1. So. Jealous. !!! And also so happy you’ve figured out what to do with your nook! You have to share it when it’s complete- I’d love to see it!

    1. Precisely my problem. Nowhere to put it! And I highly doubt my apartment has a secure enough beam to hang it from, but I agree, I’d definitely want one hanging from the ceiling!

    1. I can’t even explain how long my “the second I own a house” list is! Swing, too. Hammock would be nice as well. Just a zoo of things hanging from the ceiling.

    1. You know, with these interior spaces round-ups, I tend to put my favorite ones first and last. Truth! I’m right there with ya.

    1. Yesss, looks like there are a lot of us that love these chairs. Your friend knows what’s up. Tell her I’m jealous, ha!

  1. Oh the images you find always make me want to change my decorating style completely…to something so fresh and funky and modern – I love these adorable chairs! They have such a feel of my childhood to them too…since I am pretty old:)

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