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Tan Leather Sofas

I’ll just say right away I have zero plans for getting a tan leather sofa.  That does not mean however, that I am not in love with the idea.  You guys know I’ve been looking a lot at decor, almost to the point where it’s probably unhealthy, and it’s been fun but also maybe is adding too many things to my obsessions list.  Inspiration can run both ways- either it can help an idea stick and propel a focused idea or it makes you run around in circles thinking how you’re going to have the time and resources to make every single beautiful thing in the world happen because it’s all so amazing (guess where I’m at!)

A tan leather sofa isn’t even in the top 10 things I’d think of for my style, but when I really think about it aka stare at photos, it fits.  Especially with a sofa that has clean lines, the natural texture can look really chic but still mellow out some of the glam elements I tend to gravitate towards.  Plus, tan leather looks really, really excellent with black and white.  Most things do I guess, but tan leather dayum.

tan sofa

tan  leather  sofa

tan leather sofas

tan leather sectional

tan leather  sofa

tan  leather sofa

leather sofa

leather sofa and blueLooks pretty amazing with blue, too, another color high on my obsession list.

leather sofa- tan

This is also maybe the first home thing I’ve shown my guy that made him respond with enthusiasm- the rarest rarity of them all.  He’s always been into more natural textures, so a sofa like any of these would be a first time decor common ground between us.  SO surprising he didn’t agree with all the gold and floral things I’ve shown him.

Thoughts on tan leather sofas?  Go or no-go?  And might any of you you possibly be the lucky owner of one?

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10 comments on “Tan Leather Sofas”

  1. Ahh love it! I’m especially loving the second image. I’m in the same boat as you — and I’ve actually been on a hunt for a couch for quite some time for my new apartment. My mother found a beautiful leather sofa as an option for me and I ended up saying no because I had my heart set on a cream/buckwheat linen couch. But honestly I think it’s a beautiful piece of furniture and would be really impressed with anyone who had one!

    x Sarah

    1. So many options I know… we’re also on a sofa hunt and can’t make a decision just yet. I also love the idea of a neutral linen couch ha. Give me everything!!

  2. I just got the West Elm Hamilton sofa 2-3 weeks ago, after much agonizing, and I am SO happy. it looks great and fits right in with my home (which has blacks, browns, red, midcentury southwest vibe). Is a little ‘pre-aged’ so I’m not so worried about getting any little nick or scratch on it. Posted pics on IG @wanderinglaur

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