01/30 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Friday Finds 1-30-15I don’t mean to ever sound like I’m wishing 5/7ths of my life away, but MAN am I extra glad Friday is here.  Had a pretty rough week because I got sick with this cold that everyone seems to have right now, so I’m more excited than usual to get some rest this weekend.  While chain-blowing my noise and struggling to breathe, I managed to come across some fun and inspiring stuff I wanted to share with you guys before we all run off for the weekend!

Pyramid jewelry displayI shared my new pyramid mirror box on Instagram yesterday and everybody seemed to dig it.  I’m really into it, too.  You can find it here!

Dining-Room-Makeover-Reveal-In-Honor-of-DesignI seriously love that Hygge and West wall paper, even if it’s everywhere.  I’m not the type to write something off just because it’s something “everyone” has.  I know what I like and that’s it!  This beautiful dining room makeover also has me sold on over-dyed rugs.  Such a gorgeous blue.

DIY Leather Tote BagGuys, I seriously need to learn how to sew already so I can make pretty things like this leather tote bag.

Gold-dipped-pretzel-earrings-styled-2-2If you had simply asked me if I was interested in pretzel shaped earrings, I probably would’ve hesitated, but seeing these gold dipped ones that Fran made has me convinced on what I didn’t think was possible.  They’re so chic and adorable all at once!!

Storied_Style_Organized_Office_After_37I’ve been eyeing these CB2 shelves and love how the gold foiling was added to them (of course).  This entire home office is full of pretty details like this.
wood coffee table pillow bohemian gray sofaI very much hate our current coffee table, but justified it at the time because it was dirt cheap and has awesome storage capacity.  I’ve been feeling a little stuck on what I would get instead without compromising too much storage, so I’m feeling inspired by this post about not wasting space under your coffee table (mostly just this image and the golden poufs).

ALSO, if you’re going to be in LA on Feb 8th, you should definitely go to this workshop at West Elm LA hosted by my friend Jeran from Oleander and Palm. I’m SO sad I won’t be able to make it, so please go for me. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, and some pretty terrific goodie bags are in store ;).

That’s all, folks.  If anyone else is sick, then get well soon please because that really sucks and I’m right there with ya <3.

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!  Hope you’re all up to some fun.


8 comments on “Friday Finds”

  1. Hey Amy! Thanks a million for including my tote bag in today’s round-up :) You’re the best!

    I totally relate to this post, btw. Every Friday when I post my link round-up, I feel like I’m communicating that I just live for the weekend! Which is, more or less, true ;) Here’s to spending 5/7ths of my time wishing it was Friday afternoon. And feel better soon, lady!

    1. Yea of course! The tote bag is seriously amazing, I need it.

      Can’t help that the weekends are just so good! Of course we look forward to them :) Thanks for the well wishes, Hannah!

  2. Ah your friday finds! I just can’t get enough!
    Anyway if you can’t sew or simply have a bad relationship with your sewing machine consider using leather glue, it’s really strong!
    ps: hope you’re feeling better ^_^

    1. Really good to hear your enjoying this column, Irene! Thank you!
      I’ve always been so curious about leather glue but felt like it couldn’t possibly be that strong… I’m definitely going to have to try it now. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I have an ottoman in place of a coffee table (we keep our throws in it), so I don’t have space to shove those poufs under, but I love, love love that space so much!

    1. I’m seriously contemplating just getting rid of the coffee table and replacing it with an ottoman as well. We just use the table as an ottoman anyway!

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