01/16 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Friday Finds 1-16-15Hey… we’re already half-way through January.  Time overall has yet again managed to fly by, but this week was a bit of a drag for me.  I’ve been sensing and reading about a struggle in the blogging community lately with returning to the blog grind after the holidays, and I’m right there with everyone else.  This week was a lot of staying up late, second-guessing, and brainstorming about ideas I didn’t have, and to put it frankly, it’s bumming me out!  For as much time as I spent this week trying to plan for the blog, there isn’t much to show for it.  I did enjoy staying up with Jimmy Fallon to keep me company, though.  Love that guy.

That’s probably why half of today’s finds are related to this struggle.  I haven’t at all figured out the best way to get out of these annoying ruts, but there’s some good advice and insight out there on this stuff that’s worth thinking about.  That’s all at the end of this post, which I bet you’re going to want to skip to, but first let’s look at some other finds I’ve been inspired by this week.

copper-ladderI just started understanding the need for a ladder in the home as I’ve noticed my throw collection grow.  This copper ladder from BrittanyMakes is gorgeous, easy to make, and simple enough to fit in with different styles.

YogaMatStrapI’m going to go ahead and say this is the prettiest yoga mat strap there is.  The ladies of The Merry Thought are too amazing at simple and beautiful crafts!

Living Room TourYou guys are already following Dream Green DIY, right?  Carrie shared a tour of her living room and it’s full of so many pretty details, like this custom industrial shelving.

West Elm_Kate Spade SaturdayWhat.  A perfect.  Collaboration.  West Elm + Kate Spade Saturday.

creativity_battery_thumbMandi from Vintage Revivals is so good at saying everything I want to say in the most perfect way possible.  Her honesty and humor make her so relatable, and I wonder if you too can relate to this post about re-charging the creative battery.

blogger-burnout3This is probably the most helpful and inspiring post I’ve read about dealing with blogger burnout.  Blogger or not, everyone can benefit from this.

Bonus find: This article is an excellent read about holding true to yourself and having the confidence to do so.  Thing is, there’s an f-bomb in almost every sentence, which I found entertaining and at times pretty creative at how the author was able to do this and still make profound points.  It’s inspiring if you can look past all the swearing, haha!  You’ve been warned, so if vulgarity doesn’t bother you, read on right here.

Another bonus: Rachel at The Crafted Life chats about staying motivated and I was nodding my head “yes” to all of it.  Join the conversation here!

Is anyone still here?  I understand, there’s a lot of good stuff I just shared to check out.  While you’re doing that, I’m going to blabber a little more.

This weekend is an exciting one.  Boyfriend’s company holiday party (in January?) is in Newport Beach, so we got a hotel room and we’re going to make it a mini getaway.  I’m so looking forward to it, if not just for rest, but simply for a good time with the best guy ever.  Instead of stressing over all the work I should be doing, like I normally do, I’m going to enjoy the crap out of this weekend.  I’ll maybe bring my camera, too.  Haven’t done an “Around Town” post in a while because I am lazy keep forgetting to take photos.  We’ll see!

Happy weekend, friends!

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  1. It’s so true! So many in the blogging community (definitely including me!) are just feeling uninspired right now. I’m sure it’s an “after Christmas slump” that just about everyone experiences, but it hits us extra hard because we NEED to be creative RIGHT NOW – it’s our job. I’m right there with you on the staying up late searching for ideas that I just don’t have and second-guessing myself! I can’t offer suggestions, just commiserate a little! And hope that we will feel renewed energy and creativity soon! Enjoy your weekend friend!

    1. Commiserating really is the best anyone can offer with these things, so thank you <3 There's clearly just something about this time right after the holidays where we gotta struggle back into it :P And yes, totally makes it more stressful that there's pressure of it being the job. Creativity can't be forced, but that's exactly what we need to do! Hoping the same for us all to get back on the grind!

  2. So many great links, thank you! I have opened each one of them in a new tab so I can read them one after the other — gotta finish up before DH gets on the pc, because he teases me mercilessly about how many tabs I keep open :-)

    I love that copper pipe ladder!Might actually attempt that, it looks really cool.

    1. Oh nice! Glad you could get some good reading done :) I keep a crazy amount of tabs open- that’s just how I operate!
      Hope you do try out the copper ladder. It’s a gorgeous one to do!

  3. Thank you for sharing the blogger burnout story. I just started my blog but I’ve been writing and editing for eight years now and burnout is setting in. Would love to share your blog & this suggested reading on my blog. Thanks for this again. It means more than you know.

    1. Of course, Brie! Burnout seems to be an inevitable part of everything. And eight years!! That’s such an impressive amount of time. So glad you found this helpful.

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