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Shop: Organizing and Storage Accessories

Organizing and storage accessories

We could say this is a bit of a follow up to my decluttering post that ended on the point of organizing in style, which is a favorite topic for a lot of us I think.  The reason organization accessories are so exciting is because it’s about both function and design.  You do find that exciting, yes???  If we can keep things clean and organized in the prettiest way, we’d be happy forever, or something very close to that.

So I’ve got some minimal and modern storage picks to get you inspired to organize pretty, and while I really didn’t intend on having so much copper, I love it a lot and am clearly having my moment with it.

1. Box set– I’ve been looking for this box set forever all because of that grid one.  FINALLY.  I’ll for sure be using these in my workspace for random supplies and materials.
2. Jute bowls– For the bath, linen closet, bedroom dresser, anywhere small items need a home.
3. Accessory/towel holder– Really gorgeous and unique design for hanging towels, or jewelry!  Perhaps it can be banged on when dinner is ready as well.
4. Jewelry box– I adore this box because it comes apart into two bowls and a tray.  It’s on its way to my nightstand.
5. Round boxes– Simple and stackable storage for small items that I’d imagine using in my closet.  I like the buffalo check inside, too.
6. Coat hooks– Love how these look for an entryway, and they’d also be useful in the bedroom or closet for hanging up accessories.
7. Circle shelf– Beautiful way to display and store items.  I could see it working in a bathroom for vanity things.
8. Ladder– For magazines, towels, clothes, maybe even fabric for you luckies with a crafting room.
9. Grid basket– The cutest laundry basket.  Comes in smaller sizes as well, which would be perfect for corralling toys.
10. Wire basket– I use wire baskets for the linens in our cabinet, but these would also be cool in an office for books and magazines.
11. Copper hangers– I love my slim felt hangers too much to part with them, but I enjoy daydreaming about all of them turning into these copper ones.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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