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Shop: Simple and Modern Planters

modern planters

Probably my most favorite decor for the home (have I said that before about something else?  It’s likely that I have.) because in a lot of situations, planters can serve multiple purposes.  Storage is a good one and some of these would work very well for stylish organizing, but sure, let’s focus on the plants!  As important as it is to pick the right frame for the right art, I consider it the same for plants.  I take this process seriously and am always searching for planter options.  This makes versatility a preference of mine, so keeping the designs simple ensures I won’t outgrow (heh) them too quick.

1. Leather hanger
2. Pot with saucer
3. Wooden stands with pots
4. Large planter
5. Pink small planter
6. Fluted round planter
7. Speckle planter
8. Brass planter
9. Ceramic planter
10. Planter + stand
11. Speckled ceramic planter

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