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Travel Essentials

I’m leaving for Montreal this weekend and I’m SO PUMPED that I planned to start packing by now but haven’t started yet because that’s just what ends up happening.  Only the mad rush of the last minute gets me motivated enough to pack, but through all that I’ve come to know my go-to gear, my essentials for simple organization and comfort while keeping style in mind.

.01 | Boater Hat
Oh a hat, this is totally unexpected.  I had to mention this one not only as a skincare crazy who cares deeply about sun protection but also as someone with a larger than average head who has a very difficult time finding cute hats that fit, and THIS HAT is the cutest hat in the world and comes in multiple sizes.  I can’t imagine this not looking good on everyone, and of course that extra sun protection while roaming a new city is ace.

.02 | Carry-On Luggage
No matter where I’m going or how long the trip, I will do all I can to fit everything into a carry-on.  I LOVE this one because it’s sleek and pretty (surprise) but also it’s somehow way more roomy than it looks.  One of my favorite things is that it comes with a built-in laundry bag.  Is this a normal thing??  I never knew how much I’d like having such a small detail.

.03 | Cross-Body Bag
I wear this bag everyday and it happens to be what I also prefer for travel.  It’s small enough to not be annoying but big enough to fit essentials and a little more.  The zipper compartments divide the whole thing into three sections, which keeps things way more organized than any other compact bag I’ve had, it’s fantastic.

.04 | Water Bottle
This is a design + function dream.  The slim shape makes it really easy to carry around without adding bulk to a bag oh and hey, it fits perfectly into the middle compartment of the cross-body bag, how nice!  I also carry this around almost everyday.  It has saved me during many parched emergencies.

.05 | Amenity Kit
A really bomb non-oily day cream, hand cream, and lip balm set that’s compact and easy to travel with.  My favorite is the vanilla and watermelon lip balm SMELLS SO GOOD.

.06 | Makeup Remover
Because this remover is a no-rinse micellar cleanser that works so well, I don’t find it necessary to use face wash after (the toner I use after takes care of any residue), which is one less thing to pack and less is always good.  This one’s a cute travel size, even better.

.07 | Clear Quart Bag
I’m done carrying liquids in cute bags that will get ruined if something leaks.  I use this bag for toiletries/skincare products, which is nice that it’s see-through so I can easily find what’s inside, plus it’s also TSA compliant.

.08 | Clear Makeup Bag
I’m done carrying makeup in cute bags that will get ruined if something leaks or powders break.  This one’s larger than the previous quart bag and the way it zips open makes it really convenient to sift through everything inside like it’s all in a tray.

.09 | Leather Pouch
This is an example of a cute bag I won’t use for previous purposes.  I’ll use this for things like chargers, headphones, and any knick-knacks I might need quick access to.  I also fantasize about how if I needed it to, this could convert into a clutch.  All about that dual purpose.  I need to mention as well that this nude-y pink is my everything lately.

.10 | Sneakers
I used to always think that slip-on sandals were the best thing to wear to the airport because they’re fuss-free to take off at security check, but then when I’m walking barefoot on a floor where everyone else is walking barefoot I think maybe it’s not worth it ha!  So shoes and socks it is from now on.  These sneakers are my go-to comfy shoes I can walk around in all day and still look put together (I adore the heather gray).  Packing the sandals instead of these saves more room, too!  I pray the sneaker trend never dies.


Are you into any of these, or subscribe to the same concepts?  Do you wear sneakers to the airport??

8 comments on “Travel Essentials”

  1. I wear boots to the airport, as long as it’s not the middle of summer, because I find it’s the best of both worlds – no bare feet on probably gross airport floors but easy to slip on and off because there aren’t any laces. I definitely also always stick to carry-on!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS. That Lo & Sons Cross-Body Bag is AMAZING! I purchased it around the time that your Lo & Sons Camera Bag giveaway was going on (!!!! (: ). It’s just so smart, so so smart. And it is just way better in person!

    Thanks for your amazing suggestions Amy!

    1. Yesssss girrrrllllll. It’s almost like I feel proud of you for getting that bag ahaha it’s so amazing and I’m genuinely really happy you have it because it really makes life better. YAY.

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