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DIY Mini Flower Bouquets

DIY Mini Flower Bouquets-2

I don’t have anything against handing out candies and chocolates for Valentine’s Day, or any day, but I still wanted to try a different idea for spreading the love in a really special and simple way (which could definitely be done in addition to those chocolates.)  Flowers are that other big thing to give this holiday, but I can’t be spending a million dollars on large arrangements for everyone I know.  So, a few simple details and going on a mini scale can stretch out and make a couple bunches of flowers from Trader Joe a lot more memorable and cute, making it possible to show more of the flower-loving people you know that you think they’re pretty cool.

Stock, African roses, and waxflowerThe flowers I used are purple stock, orangey-peach African roses, and white waxflower (I shared a glimpse of some of these on Instagram last week).  Using filler flowers, like stock and waxflower, is the way to make bouquets more full without going bankrupt, but I want to stress that “filler” does not mean they have to be added with anything else.  You can for sure make gorgeous mini bouquets with just filler flowers alone!

Rubber bandBunch a few of your flowers together, cut them down to desired mini length, and tie them all together with a rubber band or floral tape.

Tissue paper wrappingCut a square piece of tissue paper and place the mini bouquet at one corner of the tissue paper.  Wrap the left side of the paper over to the right, the bottom portion up over that, and the right side over on top.  Repeat with a square piece of kraft paper, wrapping a little lower than where the tissue paper is so that the tissue peaks over the top of the kraft paper.

Mini Flower Bouquet

Tie with a string and it’s officially really, really cute.

Mini Flower Bouquets DIY

Mini Flower Bouquet DIY

DIY Mini Flower BouquetSimple, adorable, and exciting to see how small details can make all the difference, yea?  This definitely doesn’t have to be a  strictly V-day thing either and could just be a favor for an event, or just because.  Not exactly sure in what other occasion I’d receive one of these for, but I know that I’d love getting one.  Would you?

Still won’t be doing any V-Day decorating, so this is the last before you love birds or galentines celebrate the holiday, or not!  I’m curious to hear any thoughts you have about V-Day.  It’s not my most favorite or the most important day to me, but with me and boyfriend not having any sort of anniversary, we celebrate V-day like a replacement for that.  Aside from that, I’m seeing it more and more as a day to just show appreciation to anyone you love or respect and make cute things like mini flower bouquets.  How do you feel about the holiday?

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      1. These adorable bouquets remind me of the Tussi Mussie’s they used to use in New York back in the and 19th century, when the only mode of transportation were horse and buggy which caused a horrific stench hence the tussie mussie were used to attach to men’s lapels and women’s dresses.to tolerate the smell.

  1. These make me really happy and are the absolute cutest! And I would totally love to receive one, on any occasion! Definitely with ya on Vtines day; not a huge fan and think we should show appreciation to our loved ones every day of the year. But I won’t be mad if I get chocolates and flowers ;)

      1. This is a great idea for our next event! We’re having a family reunion on Mother’s Day n Im coordinating the activities. This is the perfect craft everyone can make. Mine will be minis with a magnet for fridge or pin for a lapel!! ThanQ sooo much!!!

          1. how beautiful
            rather have one of these as a favour, you can keep your chocs etc

            I will make some of these for the wedding party coming up shortly.

    1. Aw thanks, Kaye!! I stare at all those bunches every time I go grocery shopping and think about what I can do with them next. Great to be on the same wavelength <3.

    1. I was imagining something similar to that! This would be so perfect to hand out to ANYONE without being creepy (I think?). Thanks so much, Rachel <3

    1. Thanks, Sara!! I was just talking about this with my boyfriend. We are going to try to make anything miniature that we possibly can.

  2. I think these would be perfect for mom, sisters, daughters, nieces, etc for Mother’s Day. I’m thinking of using silk flowers so they’ll last forever and maybe putting a magnet on the back. They can put them on their fridge, filing cabinet… Thanks for the great idea! So cute!!

    1. Great idea, and completely agree these would be perfect for all those occasions. Glad to hear you’ll be making some! Thanks for coming by!

  3. Our children’s Sunday School classes plan on making these for all the senior adult ladies in our church for Mother’s Day. We’ll use artificial flowers though. They will have a great time making them and delivering them. Thanks for the great idea.

  4. These are adorable. I think I will get the little plastic tubes especially for stems that are filled with water and put the flowers in them first before wrapping so they keep from wilting.Would be fun to make up a bunch and pass out at a nursing home, better yet- do it with children, the elderly miss the smiles and freshness of little ones!!!

    1. Definitely if a lot will be handed out the water tubes would be such a good thing to add, agreed! Great idea, thanks Karen!

  5. I really love these bouquets. I will make some for our family Mother’s Day. Awesome touch for a simpler and very meaningful arrangement.

  6. My sister’s wedding shower theme is My Fair Lady. I think the mini bundle of flowers would be the perfect favor to hand out. Since Eliza Dolittle used to be a flower girl. Any ideas on how to keep them from wilting too soon?

    1. Sounds adorable! The absolute best way to preserve flowers is to stick them into floral water tubes. There should be a variety to choose from on Amazon!

  7. I’m going to make these with a little plasticbag and some oasis inside (not vissible ofcause), and place each one i a little jar with a ribbon round. Silkpaper and ribbon the same colour as the tablecloth.
    Perfekt decoration for my mothers 90 years birthday. Lots and lots of these.

    Thank you for a great idea!


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