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3 Creative Ways to Give Flowers

3 Creative Ways to Give Flowers

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought I would share some different and unique ways to give flowers.  It isn’t always about having the biggest, trendiest, most professionally designed arrangement, and I hope to prove to you that a little creativity can go a very long way.

Case in point, I used this bouquet of grocery store flowers.

Flower bouquet

“Grocery store flowers” has a connotation of being generic and boring, but it all depends on what you do with them and how they’re displayed.

Flowers in a mini mailbox

1) Display them in an interesting container– How adorable is this mini mailbox???  I came across it in the Target dollar spot section (goldmine).  I cut out a heart from red card stock and wrote “Sending you my love” to keep consistent with the mail theme, then taped it on the front cover.  I cut down and wrapped a couple of the flowers from the bouquet in blue paper and stuck them inside.

Mini mail box with flowers

So.  Cute.

Flower Tied to Teabag

2) Arrange them around food–  This idea was inspired by my boyfriend.  Sometimes, during the frequent late nights I spend working on my blog, he’ll bring me a cup of tea.  It always makes me smile.  It’s the little things that get me, and tying this little flower to the teabag string would be such a special touch.

Tea and Cookies with flowers

In case you were wondering, I did in fact eat the cookies and drink the tea after photographing.  I really enjoyed having the little flower dangle off the side of the cup.  Oddly more than I thought I would.  Seriously, the little things.

Balloon Flower Garland

3) Create a garland– How often do you get balloons?  For me, it’s rarely, if ever, and I think tying flower heads to the string of a balloon packs a wow-factor punch.  This probably wouldn’t travel well, but would definitely look great wrapped around something in the home to surprise your SO.  Or, just what’s in the photo above would be great to come home to as well :).  Attach a card, display it around a gift, lots of possibilities.

All the flowers I used were from that one grocery store bouquet.  We’ve seen now that they can be so much more special outside of the plastic wrapping, right?  I did have some leftovers that were broken off and shared how I arranged them on Instagram.

I wonder, do you ever give flowers to the men in your life?  I don’t think I’ve ever given flowers to anyone other than my gal pals.  All the ideas I shared would be something I’d do for them, or would love to have given to me ;).

14 comments on “3 Creative Ways to Give Flowers”

  1. This is really creative! Little details get to me too, and I just LOVE the tea and balloon flowers. Also, I always eat my food props after taking the photos. ;)

    It’s funny, I’m all about breaking gender stereotypes, but I don’t know a single guy in my life who appreciates flowers. Or anything planty, for that matter. Which means it is much harder to do small special things for guys!

  2. I love all this fresh ideas, you are so clever, Amy! Good for you for eating the cookie and drinking the tea, after all great shooting sessions deserve a little celebration, right?! And I’m pinning the balloon garland now!

  3. So creative! I love the arrangement in the mail box. Too cute for Valentine’s Day! I really like the idea of including flower with tea. That would brighten my day for sure. I love having fresh flowers around me.


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