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Backyard Envy

It’s backyard/patio/outdoor space envy season, guys.  As boyfriend and I think more about what our ideal home would be like, having an outdoor space is near the top of the list for both of us.  I’m really not too picky about it either- enough space for a couple chairs and a fire-pit (we’ll tell him it’s a grill) and I’m good, really.  Just somewhere to kick back and hang out outside is such a luxury for summer, or pretty much year-round if we’re talking weather like LA (grateful), so no doubt we’d get good use out of it.

Some current favorite outdoor inspiration:

backyard fireplace


monochrome decksI swear I wasn’t intentionally searching for monochrome spaces.  It’s just what happens these days as I realize more and more that it’s my favorite.  I think I’m on to something.
black pergola

tileDoes any real person’s backyard actually look like this?  That tile is dreamy!deckI can also admit that I look forward most to putting up globe lights.  I must.
hammockOr hammocks.
rooftop deckA rooftop deck works too, I’ll take it.  And those chairs!

Got a favorite among the bunch here?  Feeling the same envy as me or do you already enjoy an outdoor space of your own (luckyyy)?

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

12 comments on “Backyard Envy”

  1. I’d kill to have any of those spaces! I especially love #7 with all that beautiful wood. And ya, that chair in the last one is pretty amazing. Our porch lost all hope of ever being decorated into a fun space when I turned it into my workshop ha.

  2. Obsessed with the outdoor fireplace in the first image, and the awesome white outdoor dining chairs in the last photo. We have the tiniest little patio, which is better than nothing, but I still dream of a big beautiful backyard too!

    1. Yes! I love your patio and I thought you used the small space so well!! The globe lights are the first thing that come to mind <3

  3. Amy, this post could not have come at a better time for me! My husband & I are prettying up our apartment balcony & this is great inspiration – I never mean to go monochrome either…it just looks so good!

    1. Oh yea… that… HA! My daydreams/inspiration hunts never take that into consideration. I guess that’s why it all ends there!

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