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Plaid for the Home

Maybe you’re like me not too long ago and thinking that plaid is only for log cabins, or maybe you don’t think that way at all and have always known how awesome plaid can be for the home (how did you know??)

You might have already seen it on Instagram, but I’m really feeling plaid right now.  It’s a staple for every fall season, but I’ve never explored how plaid can work in the home, and even more specifically how it can look SO good in modern spaces.  It’s definitely a pattern to be careful with, and one that can’t be thrown into any room, but when done right it can bring so much unexpected interest and sophistication- I never knew!

Plaid pillow and throw

Plaid pillow + plaid throw = instant coziness

Hunted Interior - Fall Patio

This plaid POPS so good in this outdoor area.  It also helps that every detail here is amazing.

Emily-Henderson-+-Curbly_livingroom05Only Emily Henderson would know to put matching plaid arm chairs in a living room.  Of course!

plaid ottoman

Everything in this room is such an interesting mix, including that bottle of Jame.

plaid bedroom throw

That throw with the black and white striped wall… what a striking combo.  Hello, dachshund <3

Plaid RugCan you spot the plaid?  So unexpected, right?!

Definitely the easiest way to dip your toes into plaid is with a pillow or throw, but what I’m loving most are those sweet plaid chairs.  If you were to tell me before this post that you had a pair of plaid chairs for me to check out, I would have said no thanks.  How terribly different I was back then!

So what do you think- yay or nay to plaid?

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15 comments on “Plaid for the Home”

  1. YAY, for sure! I really love plaid, although I actually don’t have much of it in my home (at all? I can’t think of anything). Clearly, I’m going to have to fix that! Love all these photos and totally agree that plaid can work really well in a modern home…not just log cabins!

    1. Same, zero plaid in my apartment, and can’t think of anywhere it would fit, but still love it! Glad to hear you love it, too <3

    1. Haha yea plaid decor seems to have a negative connotation. Totally agree on the last two images- saved them for last because they were the most unique!

  2. LOVE these images! And I LOVE plaid for the home :) I’ve had a master bedroom pinned forever that has a gorgeous plaid duvet on a super comfy looking bed, and it’s been on my home decor to-do list…gotta do some shopping now for sure!

    1. I know everything about rooms having been pinned forever and remaining just as that. Sounds like an amazing makeover- looking forward to seeing that!

  3. i think the plaids in small doses really evoke fall and winter. My personal favorite is buffalo plaid, which is big, bold and graphic. I think it goes well with both contemporary and traditional decor.

  4. I don’t have any plaid in my home, but plenty of plaid flannel shirts (living in the PNW will do that to you!) Can’t think of anywhere where plaid would fit in my current home design, but I like the look of it!

    1. Loooove the PNW. I’ve always preferred cooler temps! I’m exactly the same, I don’t think my current home decor could fit in plaid but I’m still so intrigued by the idea.

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