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2015- Things to Enjoy

2015- Whats to ComeWell guys, I had this New Year post drafted for a month, but tossed around on what I wanted to say and it started getting stressful, to the point where I had thrown the idea out all together, until now.

Something that was meant to be positive quickly turned burdensome, and that’s why we all hate making resolutions, or at least that’s what the internet is telling me.

I figured out my problem this time, though.

I was coming up with goals I thought others might expect of me and this blog, and I was getting too critical of whether they were unique or ambitious enough.  I was putting pressure on myself to go really big and specific, which I couldn’t do, because I simply don’t know what that all is, at least not right now.  So screw it.

Glad I got that figured out!

Instead, a New Year tradition I like a lot is picking a focus word, and mine this year is enjoy.  I want to get better at focusing on the joy in everything, because that’s way more fun than focusing on all the what if’s for what could go wrong, which is what I do constantly, especially with this blog.  That, mixed with the frustrations I feel about my day job, my dreams for switching that job to blogging full-time, and how I want to be better for the people most important in my life, made it clear that I needed to take a more simple approach and start with myself first, with personal goals focused on enjoying the day-to-day.

So we’re going to call this things I’m looking forward to enjoying in 2015.  They’re basically resolutions, but it’s a lot more motivating to think of these as events to look forward to.  All about those mind tricks, y’all.

(I swear I didn’t just copy an article on top resolutions to have this year.  I’ve got some more cliche things coming, but let me just explain and talk about them.)
Boyfriend and I talk about how we’re fast approaching a chapter in our lives where it will be even easier to make excuses not to travel, so the urgency to travel is high right now, and I’m really excited for it.  I have no idea where my passport is.  I don’t think I’ve seen it in over a decade.  I’m going to renew it (get a new one?), and I’m going to travel.  We’ve been talking about Spain towards the end of the year, maybe a cruise, and surely somewhere new in the US.

The clutter reached a new, maddening extreme last year.  It’s the challenge of trying to work and live in the same, small space, combined with my need to leave out projects in progress because putting them away mid-progress means they won’t get finished.  I’m not entirely sure how to go about that differently, but what I can do is regulate our storage space better, so I’m going to try the same thing I do with my closet- no more adding stuff, only replacing items, or getting rid of things.  If something comes in, then something needs to go out, because there is literally no room.  This is a big deal for me, because I have a hard time letting go of stuff.  It encouraged me to get this book, which is currently on its way, and I’ve heard nothing short of it being life-changing (it’s in the title so it must be true, ha) so we’ll see.  That leads to the next thing…

We recently got library cards at our local public library.  I can’t remember the last time I genuinely enjoyed being at a library.  I wasn’t always big on reading,  but now it’s one of the things I enjoy most these days, and I want to make more time for it.  Here’s a shot of my unsuspecting boyfriend in awe of all the possibilities.

Library NRWe were in sweats and sneaks because we walked here.  It’s (on the longer side of) walking distance!  How did this not happen sooner?  We spent the walk there and back listening to Serial together (I think Adnan did it, but I also think he didn’t.)  That also transitions nicely into the next thing.

I don’t exercise.  At all.  It’s awful.  We were doing P90X3 for a while, but all the intense stomping and jumping around in the workouts made us feel horrible for the people living in the unit below us, so we always felt like we couldn’t go full-out (excuses excuses).  Also, I hate the gym.  I think it’s the most boring place in the world and have zero motivation to get a membership.  While I look for an alternative, I want to do something that breaks up all the sitting I do in a day, and walking is something I enjoy, especially with my guy.  I’m looking forward to taking more walks together in the evenings during the week.  It also gives us quality time to just talk and catch up, which is my favorite.  Killing two birds with one stone, also my favorite.

One of the best things about this blogging journey is how much I’ve learned.  I have to wear every hat for this operation and it has stretched me in ways like nothing else has.  Most of all, it makes me want to keep learning new things, and I’m starting this year with calligraphy, which I already shared on Instagram.
LHCalligraphy Starter Kit copyI was really surprised at the response to this.  Turns out there are so many of you wanting to learn too, so do it!!!  This is the LHCalligraphy starter kit, and I love it.  Of course, I very quickly saw that I’m going to need many more hours of practice.  Are you guys interested in seeing the progress on that?

Putting in one specific thing here for the blog.  My goal last year was to update my About page.  Didn’t happen.  More than just taking the right photo for it (really hard, I’m the awkwardest bird in the world in front of the camera) and making it more detailed, it represents really getting my mission statement/vision down, which I feel like I’m still ironing out, or rather haven’t given enough thought to.  And maybe like the sentiment of this post, I’m trying to go too big and specific with it and need to simplify and chill out.  I also see it as a step towards getting more personal on here, which I’ve said so many times that I’m going to do!  I see myself giving more space in this blog to documenting what’s going on in my life, although guys, tell me, isn’t it hard trying to both experience moments and record them at the same time??  The past few attempts I made at taking my camera around, I quickly forgot to take pictures because I just wanted to be in the moment.  Where’s that robot photographer that can follow me around when I need one…

I’m feeing really good about all this, and that’s an excellent start I say.  Are you looking forward to any of the same things in your 2015?  Did you make any resolutions or goals?   For those of you who stay physically active, got any tips or suggestions on how or where to get a workout other than the gym?

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    1. Hi Alison! It’s actually a gold mini planner from the Sugar Paper Line at Target. It’s not sold online, but you can see it here anyway if you’d like.

  1. So many of these are on my list too! Travel (I also need to update my passport!), reading (I also FINALLY just got a library card), and working out (I also HATE the gym). Oh, and I’m also the awkwardest bird ever in front of a camera. Are we twins?

    1. Yea, I’ve been thinking for a while that we’re twins. Good to know you feel the same <3
      Gym haters unite! We could totally start a book club too. I'm always interested in knowing what you're reading lately!

  2. I like these resolutions a lot. I have similar ones (especially wanting to travel and de-clutter this year, so I’ll be checking out that book you linked)

    1. Thank you, Janicu! That’s cool that you want to check out the book too- I can’t WAIT till it gets here!! I’m wary that I might be expecting too much out of it, like it’s going to bring some kind of miracle, but I’ve never read anything on that topic before and I’m sure there’s a lot to learn!

  3. Hi Amy! For 2015 my motto is: “Be more in the moment.” Like you, I want to enjoy life, enjoy my children, learn, and keep physically active. Don’t feel bad about not working out girl! Eat healthy, go for walks and take advantage of sunny California weather. For me, I was able to enjoy working out when I got a personal trainer 2 years ago. He showed me how to work out and focus on exercises I actually enjoy doing like the cable machine. In a nutshell, knowing that I can operate the gym equipment without hurting myself was key! Yay, for 2015! I think your blog is amazing, and that you are growing into one of the best blogs out there. XO Ursula

    1. It is seriously so nice of you to make me feel less awful for not working out haha. Really! I know I shouldn’t get so down about it but it’s always better to hear that from someone else.
      Thank you so so so so much for the praise you give my blog. I could tell you the same thing about how yours has grown to be something amazing as well <3

  4. 1. I’ll meet you in Spain I always wanted to go. 2. Library! You know that’s my jam. Get ready to have a new weekend spot. 3. Calligraphy! Ah yours is going to be gorgeous!! I have straight up been practicing without a kit, and it’s not pretty. I need to get my hands on one. 4. Girlll I feel you on the word of the year. It’s actually on my list for today, I’ve had a couple brewing around but haven’t decided which I want to go with yet. Next time we chat I’ll have to let you know ;) 5. Love you, miss you hope you are off to a great new year!

    1. 1. Spain 2015, Kandy-Ameg style. 2. Yes, I’m very aware that you’re a library rat, and it’s sexy. 3. I think the kit is really key… but still, it’s harder than I thought! 4. I’m crazy interested in hearing your list. We haven’t chatted in a while aaahh!! 5. I love you forever.

  5. LOVE this post! I think resolutions can be a dirty word a lot of the time, so I shared my GOALS for the year instead (some might say it’s the same thing but I disagree). Also – on the exercise front… I got the stank eye from my doctor because I don’t ever exercise either, but I am attempting to get into Zumba. I found classes in a small studio, not at a bit gym, which I think will help it not feel as intimidating. I’ll keep you posted!

    1. “Dirty word”- PERFECT description. Goals definitely have a friendlier reputation :P.
      Zumba makes me think of this one time during my previous gym membership where an employee would NOT leave me alone to sign up for a month of Zumba classes that would cost me $800 in addition to my membership. OUT OF THEIR MINDS. Aside from that awful encounter, I’ve heard good things about Zumba, haha! I’d love to hear how it goes.

  6. It has been so great following along over the past year and watching you grow your blog. Love your goals for 2015! I always have traveling on my list of goals! Have you tried any type of fitness classes? I HATE the gym, but I love barre, pilates, etc. We even have a class at the barre studio I attend where you use drum sticks to beat the ground, etc. It is very soothing and fun but is also a great workout ;)

    1. Thanks, Ashley <3 You are one of the sweetest gals out there and following along with you has been so enjoyable as well.
      Fitness classes sounds like the way to go. Barre sounds like it could be my jam!

  7. I think P90X makes everyone hate working out. Although going to the gym is a chore, I usually feel exhilarated after but, P90X just made me want to punch that guy in the face. I HATED him. Needless to say, that workout did not last long for me! Good luck on all your goals!!

    1. Hahaha, I can totally see why people would hate Tony, but I loved that I could get a good workout in 30 minutes. That’s what got me, because time and being able to get it done in the comfort of my home are major pluses!

  8. My daughter went to Spain near Madrid for three months. She said that there is an art museum on every block and everyone grows outdoor flowers. Take a camera.

  9. Treat Yo’Self! I think we are going to take a trip to Europe this year too. At least my husband says we are. I’m the more practical one that’s freaking out a bit. Morning runs with my girlfriends are pretty much what keep me sane. Get a buddy who depends on you so you will get out of bed. Enjoy! ;)

    1. Treat. Yo. Self. A Euro trip was really my guy’s idea too, and I’ve been resisting with all my “practicality” power for so long. I hope we both make it happen <3

      1. How funny that my friend and I were talking about Treat Yo’ Self just yesterday! I treated myself to a four month blogging break (eek!) while getting my life together. I JUST started up again with the 2015 goal of not freaking out over little things like I did in the past.

        It’ll be a test, considering that I leave in less than a week for a vacay to the Philippines and Australia. I gotta schedule a bunch of posts ASAP, pack, and do some last minute planning… but I’m still taking it all in stride. Woo!

  10. I think you picked such a good word! Mine is “commit”, which is odd because last year, I had “follow through” – kind of a step backward haha but it makes sense for where I’m at right now, so I’m going with it! I also have more reading on my list (you can see that on the new blog, if you like), and more sports.
    Have you tried yoga? I recently got into the YouTube series Yoga with Adrienne – she’s not too hipstery-vegany-spiritual-mumbo-jumbo for me, with just the right amount of energy, and I’ve really enjoyed her beginner lessons. And it doesn’t involve any jumping! ;)
    Happy New Year, Amy – here’s to a kick-ass 2015!
    xx Johanna

    1. Haha maybe not a step backwards, but just a different angle ;)
      YOUTUBE. That’s an excellent idea, and thanks for the specific channel suggestion.
      Thanks so much for being here, Johanna! Happy New Year <3

  11. Amy, I love the word that you have chosen for the year — and everything you are looking forward to in 2015. I’m looking forward to many of the same things, including reading more (I think my library hates me because of the amount of books I reserved), calligraphy and exercising. I do Daily Burn from my apartment and try really hard to do soft landings so my downstairs neighbors don’t hate me! Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work this year! xo

    1. Haha soft landings, yes! Even still, all I could think about is if my downstairs neighbors hate me, which associated negative vibes with working out :\ I’ll look into Daily Burn, though. A good, at-home workout is ideal!
      Thanks so much, Michelle. Excited to see where you go this year as well!

  12. AMY I AM SO PROUD OF YOU ALWAYS. super excited to see where you go this year. and to meet up with you in spain. okay cool thanks buhhyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we’re leavingggggg

  13. ah, yes – I think setting goals and viewing them as things to look forward to is a much better way to go about it! and i’m with ya on the de-cluttering! i think i could fill an entire house with the blog projects/props/supplies – they build up too quickly and it’s overwhelming!! especially for those of us living and working in the same place…ugh! and i just adore that calligraphy set and hope to be able to learn this year too, so i’d love to see your progress as you go along!

    1. I’m totally thinking about that post you wrote about the stresses of at-home craft blogging messes. It’s so awful but there’s just no other way!!! Except maybe to let go of craft scraps sooner (ugh, so hard). I bet you’d rock calligraphy, Manda. Hope to see you start on that!

  14. Love this list, Amy! And I love that you’re focusing on the word “enjoy” for the year. My word for the year is actually “forward.” I feel like, while a great year, 2014 was a year when I wasn’t pushing myself enough personally or professionally in some of the areas that mean most to me, so I’m looking to move it forward this year. Looking forward to following along with your journey!

  15. I’ve got 4 of the same goals myself: travel, read, work out, and learn stuff. I think the reason that the reasons these goals are so popular is because they’re all things that are important to us but at the same time, really easy to lose sight of when other more pressing things get in the way.

    I just found your blog a few months ago and I’m excited to see where you take it this year :3

    1. Really great point. Funny how it works out that we all consider these things important yet tend to prioritize them at the bottom of the list.

      So happy you’re here, Irene! Thank you for taking the time to leave me your encouraging comment <3.

  16. Came across your blog on Pintrest yesterday. Love it and have found so many useful ideas. Thank you. I’ve never made resolutions because I am afraid of failing:( I have wanted to get a dumpster for three year however Lol. I am ordering the book and have already started decluttering my living and bathrooms. Thank you for the inspiration! I look forward to reading more. My word ~ live ~

    1. Welcome, Jackie!! I’m so happy you’re here and that you found my little blog. Thank you for being here!
      I think that’s exactly why many of us hate resolutions. That’s why it’s better for most to focus on a word, like “live” or just read a book on a goal like decluttering ;) I’m inspired to hear you’re taking on that challenge as well. Thanks for sharing!

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