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DIY Trash Can Plant Stand

Decorate a boring trash can and repurpose it into a plant stand.  Click through for the tutorial!

This boring mesh trash can has been bothering me for years.  I’ve had it since college, and sure it gets the job done, but again, it’s boring.  The main reason I put off doing something about it was because I didn’t know what to do about it.

Mesh trash can beforeI first tried applying fabric around the outside with Mod Podge, which was a complete fail.  I think the mesh, combined with the can not being uniform in diameter, were the factors to blame (it couldn’t have been me, right?!).  So, I shoved it in a corner and kept dumping trash in it, until I came across some trim on clearance at Joann Fabrics.

Taping on the trimBlack and white stripes- so very me!  I love how ideas will just hit me when I come across something random, like trim.  I got 6 yards of it and spiraled it around the trash can, using tape to hold it in place.

Gluing the trim

I then used chalk to mark on the can where the trim was placed, as a guide for when I’d glue it on later.  Using a hot glue gun, I first glued down one end of the trim.  After unraveling the trim, I spiraled it around the can again, this time gluing down the trim onto the can as I went, making sure to follow along the path of the chalk marks.

After all the trim was glued down, I took a damp paper towel and wiped off all the chalk.  And then I was like hey, if I turn it upside down, it could be a plant stand!

Decorate a boring trash can and repurpose it into a plant stand.  Click through for the tutorial!

That was how it all went down.  I’m always a fan of how the simplest ideas can completely repurpose things I was so close to ditching.  It’s the BEST.  The stand is sitting pretty next to the other plant stands I previously made.

I feel like there are tons of mesh trash cans out there like this one.  Do you have one?  Have you done anything to make your trash can less boring?


23 comments on “DIY Trash Can Plant Stand”

  1. It looks great! You are so smart to tape the trim in place first. I guarantee you if I was doing this, I would just start gluing it right on and it would definitely not be as straight and pretty as yours. You are getting quite the gorgeous collection of plants and stands there! Love it!

  2. How clever! You would totally never guess that it’s a trash can! Loving the black and white striped ribbon too, I’m sure it complements the rest of your decor perfectly :)

  3. I like your design on that basket.. I too re-did a Martha Stewart basket I picked up a goodwill for $2.00. Gave a whole new look to it and was pleased

  4. I don’t even know it’s a trash can if you didn’t mention it. Next time I’ll know what to do with it :) Creative idea and love your design!

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