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Blue Velvet Couches

Blue Velvet CouchesI recently discovered that I LOVE blue velvet couches.  Not only did I notice I’ve been pinning a lot of them, but I found myself wishing my couch was blue when I was photographing my no sew pillow covers, and since then I couldn’t get my mind off of the idea.  It’s in these situations I go scouring for inspiration and gawking at all the amazing styling ideas.  Do you ever do that?  Come, gawk with me.

Glam blue velvet couch

Blue velvet couch and gallery wall

Blue velvet couch

Blue velvet couch accentsNot sure what’s going on with the two tone couch here, but I dig it, especially how it looks with that amazing blue rug.

Blue velvet couch in a warm living room

Blue velvet couch in chic living room

Blue velvet couch in studio

Blue velvet couch- modern mix

Blue velvet couch styling

Blue velvet couch with patterned rug

Blue velvet office chaitI’m down for taking a baby step by starting with a blue velvet chair.

Blue velvet benchOr a bench!

Casual blue velvet couch

Colorful living room with blue velvet couch

I’m mostly looking at royal blue velvet, which I love for being dark and sultry and both feminine and masculine.  I’m obsessed, and what’s even more is that a lot of these spaces were created by Emily Henderson, who is just out of this world crazy talented how is she even real just amazing wow.  This is the first time I’m noticing that she likes using blue velvet in a lot of her spaces.  I’m sold even more.

What do you think of blue velvet couches?  Which of these spaces is your favorite?

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16 comments on “Blue Velvet Couches”

  1. Emily Henderson is my ultimate woman crush haha. I LOVE blue velvet. I even tried getting blue velvet curtains for my house, but couldn’t find any moderately priced ones. You should check out Emily’s headboard.. GORGEOUS! A blue tufted headboard with pink chandeliers.. She is my hero haha

  2. This is a fantastic round-up—I love how these blue velvet couches go with so many decor styles! I’ve been digging them too (I’ve become more and more susceptible to trends, does that mean I’m getting old?). And Emily Henderson is the most amazing person ever!

  3. Amy, I love all of these! I actually had a blue velvet chair from World Market a couple years ago but we sold it when we moved into our last apartment because we didn’t have as much space in our living room. I wanted that chair so bad {and it was on sale when I bought it} that I even carried everything up 2 flights of stairs to our apartment at the time because Eric wasn’t home and I was impatient, haha. Thanks for the memories, lol.

  4. I think if I heard the words “Blue Velvet Couch” I’d run in the other direction, but these photos are gorgeous! Totally makes me rethink them :)

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