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DIY Grid Planter

Grid Planter- DIY

Dang, three posts in a row now where I’m featuring a grid pattern.  I told you I was getting into it!  I mentioned recently that I wanted to do something with the pattern, and you guys know planter DIYs are a favorite around here, so this had to happen, naturally.

Really though, this one kind of fell on to my lap.  I had gotten these plain white planters a while ago thinking I’d repot a couple of my plants, but with a lot of them dying on me recently (is it the heat??)  I’m pretty much looking at starting over with my “indoor garden”.  So yay to new planters and plant friends (RIP previous plant friends).

The materials list will tell you how easy this DIY is.

1/8″ black tape (one roll was enough for both of my planters)

tapingI started by vertically taping down pieces of the black tape about one inch apart, making sure the ends of the tape overlapped both the top edge and bottom of the planter.  I used a ruler between each piece to roughly measure each inch.  This planter was perfectly 14 inches in circumference, so one inch increments were easy to fit in.

horizontal linesThen I taped down the horizontal lines, also one inch apart, which was made conveniently possible by the four inch height of this planter.  When the tape came back around to the front end, I overlapped the end of the tape on top of it just a bit to complete the circle, then cut off the the rest of the roll.

DIY - Grid Planter


DIY Grid PlantersThe measurements on the larger planter were a little less perfect, so I went for keeping a slightly larger than one inch square grid pattern to the middle two rows, then left the top and bottom rows a little longer/more rectangular.  Still good!

I really didn’t need to include this many photos, but I couldn’t decide which plant I liked more, so let’s have a vote.

Do you like plant #1 better?

DIY Grid Planter

Or plant #2?

Grid Planter DIYYou know what, I actually made my decision just now while asking you guys to vote.  Plant #2 for me.  I brought it up to the cashier and I was like yo, tell me more about this strange fuzzy plant because I’m intrigued.  She told me it’s a staghorn fern (oh that’s it, I remember now- a great name always steals my attention) and gave me some tips on how to care for it.  After she rang me up and handed it over, she mentioned that they’re very fickle and hard to care for.  Hm.

I still love plant #1, though I didn’t catch the name of it (anyone know?).  The graphic lines on the leaves pair so well with the grid pattern of the planter.  Really happy about that combo.  Boyfriend is too, seeing as though I made him vote and he picked that one.

So what’s it gonna be, guys- plant #1 or #2?

Art print is from my friend Britt Castellano’s amazing shop: A Handcrafted Home

26 comments on “DIY Grid Planter”

  1. I have already said this to you, but I will say it again – You give a whole new meaning to “simple Idea to Brilliant Product” . I was planning to paint grids on my bulletinboard after the previous post :-)

    1. Thank you thank you, really appreciate you seeing the value in what I do :) Love that bulletin board idea. It’s a simple change that will make a huge difference!

  2. I’d choose plant #1! Funny how different the tastes can be from one person to another.
    I am really stunned by these planters, they look so good! I’d bnever had guesse the black lines were tape! And you know what, I actually thinks that the bigger one looks bette even though not all the rows are squares!

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