05/15 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

peoniesThe intros to these Friday Finds posts are turning into a bit of an update session, which I don’t mind, and maybe you don’t either!  If you do, just go on and skip to the links, it won’t break my heart <3.

A bunch of things in the works that have made the day to day more challenging than usual.  Some exciting stuff coming up that I’ve been anxiously anticipating that I’m not going to spill the details on yet because I’m annoying like that but aaahhh it’s stressful but I think it’s happy stress and I know hearing about how stressed someone is super boring so I’ll end it there.

On the home front, I’m in this weird phase of trying to swap out our hand-me-downs and update our furniture while somehow hoping that it won’t cost anything (humor me).  It’s been many months of sifting through hideous piles of garbage on Craigslist, even with all my email alerts set up, and not contacting sellers in time for some amazing things that got away AGH WHY.  How do you Craigslist crusaders do it??  Anyways, I previously mentioned changes to the bedroom, starting on plans with the living room, and updating my workspace, and it’s going sloooooooooow, so I probably shouldn’t have said anything about it right now, but my point is that it’s on my mind constantly and I’m looking at furniture/decor all day everyday.  Do you guys want me to share any of those finds?  It could get very random.

How have I already written so much, geez.  Alright well happy Friday guys!   I’ll be in Vegas this weekend to meet up with old friends.  Hoping sun and buffets will be a memorable portion of the trip.  Have a great weekend, and enjoy these links before you go!

Every single detail about this.

Black and white forever.

Can you guess which one of these I got on an impulse? So cute.

Love this design twist on the eye trend.


Inspiring read on how to find what works for starting and running a business

Adding this to my closet.

I wasn’t much into these until now oh my cute.

This song makes me dance like the people in the video.

4 comments on “Friday Finds”

  1. Oh the intro picture *.*
    Always like your friday finds and would love to see your furniture/decor ones!
    I’ve just rent a new apartment so need as much inspiration as possible ^_^

    1. The excitement of a new place is hard to beat. Congrats on the move!!
      Thanks so much for your feedback, Irene!

  2. YES please share a roundup of your random craigslist finds! I’ve always wanted to try looking for furniture there, it seems like there are some gems, but they take a lot of patience in searching! Also loving the grid top :)

    1. Oh I wasn’t referring to craigslist finds, but HM, that might be interesting. TONS of patience, you’re right, and most of it is so so so bad. Could still be fun to share, though :) Thanks for the idea, Amanda!

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