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Gift Guide: Handmade Goods

Gift Guide for Handmade Goods

Yes, everything in this gift guide is handmade, which was SO fun for me to put together because it’s always exciting to discover those one-of-a-kind items you can’t get just anywhere.  On top of that, supporting fellow makers is something I really believe in doing and is part of the movement for shopping small businesses.  While it not only feels good to buy things that were personally handmade with so much love, you’re bound to find some especially unique items by shopping small.

Take a look, admire the creativity, and browse around these shops to see if there’s something special you’d gift to someone (or yourself!) this season.

1) Gold dipped hexagon necklace from Ash Studio
2) Teal and gold ring dish from The Object Enthusiast
3) Black and white pillow cover from A Handcrafted Home
4) Watercolor birthstone 2015 calendar from Squirrelly Minds Paper
5) Envelope clutch from Made In Rye
6) Farm animals notebook from Clap Clap Design
7) Soy candles from Pommes Frites
8) Photo holder from The Crafted Life Shop
9) Paper gold bowl from Up in the Air Somewhere
10) Concrete planters from Concrete Geometric

Of course, I’m always free to chat about favorites around here, so let me know what you guys like!  I’m curious to hear which of these items are calling out to you.

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  1. I feel so very grateful to have my tiny hexagon necklace on your fabulous blog and among so many beautiful objects! And how validating it is see people commenting on something that I made! Amazing! Thank you, Amy!

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