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Entryway and Lighting Update with Kenroy Home

Entryway MirrorI do this thing where I clap my hands profusely while screaming when I really like something.  That’s what I did right after I hung up this mirror.

This little “entryway” set-up has always been a little confusing to me.  It’s actually just a tiny space between two doorways (a little awkward), and being that it’s the closest thing to a mantel I have, I regularly change it up and it’s the first place where I express my decor moods for the changing seasons.  Something about it always felt off, though.

I only figured out what the problem was when Kenroy Home generously offered to send me a couple items and I came across this beauty of a mirror, and that problem was this- the mirror I previously had was too small, which is funny to me because the mirror I had previously to that mirror was small too.  I had replaced that one with a slightly larger starburst mirror that never felt right, but I couldn’t put my finger on why.  Now I know.

EntrywayA bigger mirror, guys.  I love the impact of the size, but even more is that I love the clean, simple lines of the octagon shape.  I’m also realizing that the starburst mirror I had before was too busy and I’m much preferring the simplicity of this one.  A complete light bulb moment.

Another area I had been struggling with was the lighting in the bedroom, and more specifically I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of nightstand lamps.  While I love this pair of lamps and was so excited about them because they would fit in with the monochrome palette going on in my bedroom, I’m not so sure they ended up working out for me.

Modern X LampI thought these lamps would look about 2/3 of their actual size in this space, but once seeing them on top of our dressers, I immediately felt that their size was too overpowering.  They compete with the mirrors above our dressers too much, so I think if those weren’t there, these lamps would work much better, but alas, the mirrors aren’t going anywhere.

X LampThese lamps would look amazing at the opposite ends of something like a large credenza.  Sleek, simple, clean lines, all things I’m a fan of, and in the right space they’d be stunning.  They just don’t work in my bedroom as well as I had envisioned, sadly.  What do you think?

Thanks to Kenroy Home for sending me these lovely items!  If you missed the links in this post, you can find the mirror here or the lamps here.

Also, I always get questions about my dressers whenever they make an appearance in a photo (thanks, guys!), so if you want to know more about that DIY makeover, you can find that here.

13 comments on “Entryway and Lighting Update with Kenroy Home”

  1. Ahh that mirror! LOVE. It looks perfect in that space. And it’s hard to tell about the lamps without seeing the whole room, but I don’t think they look too big! Love their shape.

    1. Yea, you’re right. It’s much easier to tell how the scale is off standing further back, but I’m still relieved to hear that you think they still look ok! Thanks Bre!

  2. Oh, your entry table looks so pretty! That mirror is just to die for, and I love it with the candleholders. Nicely done!

    I agree that the lamps look a little too big on your dresser. Although I think a wider shot would help to really judge. But I’m sure you’ll find the right piece eventually! And if you’re anything like me (which we already know is the case), the “right piece” will keep changing all the time anyways! Haha!

    1. Yea, I was really excited about incorporating those pieces and even happier that the mirror played so well with them! Thanks, Jennifer!

  3. it isn’t the lamp that is too big, it is the shade that is off.
    Maybe gold shade?
    No shade with muted lite?
    Play with pictures of shades cut out of magazines over your picture before committing to a purchase. The lamps are great!

    1. That’s a great suggestion, Janie. I didn’t think about switching the shades because I really like the ones they came with! I’ll have to let go of them and play around with something else to make the lamps work better. Thanks for the tips!

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