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DIY Simple Thanksgiving Garland

Give thanks garland DIY-2

Over the weekend I hosted a Friendsgiving dinner, which I prepped the decor for weeks ahead of time out of uncontainable excitement, but at the last minute I decided to add in this DIY “give thanks” garland because it’s fun and cute.  Last year I made a different one and recall how it was the backdrop for a lot of our photos, and maybe I read into it too much, but I noticed it made everyone smile and feel even more warm and fuzzy.  At least that’s how it made me feel!  So yea, I’m a fan of that feeling, and definitely think it’s worth the effort.


I got these white block letters from Michaels and painted them black.  This is where I tell you that I knew spray painting would be a lot easier and faster, but it came down to how the weather was cold, I was sick, and I didn’t want to go outside, ha.  I also had a bunch of black chalk paint and was in the mood to turn on good music and get lost in some hand painting, so I took a foam brush and dabbed about two layers of paint on each letter with drying in between.  If I had to do it again though, I would suck it up and spray paint outside.  It really would have been much faster.  Also, I still haven’t heard from anyone about if they use aluminum foil as frequently as I do for a working surface… I think that’s a weird thing about me, yea?


Once the letters were dry, I applied a line of hot glue across the top of the back-side of each letter and placed a continuous strand of hemp on top of it.

hempI did this on a total of two strings of hemp, one for “give” and the other for “thanks”.

DIY "Give Thanks" Thanksgiving garland

I hung the letters over the eucalyptus garlands (tutorial here) I had previously put up.  Easy.  I’m all for stress-free and simple decorating because as much as I find decor and styling wildly enjoyable, there are a lot of other things to focus on, like food.  And people.  And cleaning before people arrive, aah!

Thanksgiving garland DIY

I thought I might be taking photos the night of, but didn’t.  It was too good of a time to even remember to stick my face behind my camera, but I did manage to Snapchat a couple good moments.  That I can do.

I love this Friendsgiving tradition so much because it’s rare to sit down at home and share a meal together with our whole group of friends, especially one that everyone pitched in a hand to make.  Most conversation these days is centered around how busy we all are, or excuses for not seeing each other more often, so to be able to count on traditions like this and set aside time to hold space together is such a treasure.  I really feel it more with each year, and even more with each friend or family member that lives far away, how time spent with important people is the most valuable thing there is.  I say it often, and at the same time feel like I don’t say it often enough.


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