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DIY No Sew Sunglasses Pouch

DIY No Sew Sunglasses PouchSometimes you don’t need to be carrying around a big and bulky hard case for your sunglasses.  Sometimes you just need something simple and compact on the days where you won’t be throwing them in a giant bag to get lost and crushed under every single thing you own.   All of this basically means the bag I’m carrying that day is small, so I need to consolidate.  I guess I could have started this off with just that, ha, but the point is there’s more than one reason why you might want to make this leather drawstring sunglasses pouch, on top of it being so easy to make without any sewing!

Another reason for me is summer.  Coping with summer heat means lightening the load for everything- lighter clothes, lighter hair, and carrying around less or lighter stuff.  This pouch serves to lighten at least one thing, and maybe not by much, but that leads us to the main reason why I made it: because it’s cute.  That’s reason enough for anything, right?  Thanks for playing along, guys <3.

Unique Stitch (Always.  Forever.)
-leather lace
-wood bead

Marble FabricI found this fabric at JoAnn’s and it was one of those fabric quarters they have on the front ledges of their fabric shelves.  Isn’t the marbled design gorgeous?  I usually spend embarrassing amounts of time walking up and down every aisle until I can no longer tell where one fabric ends and another begins, but this time around, my eyes locked on it immediately and I had no doubt it was meant to be.

Marble Fabric Cut Out

Using my sunglasses as a guide, I roughly measured that I needed two fabric pieces that were 4×8″ in size.  I cut them out after ironing the fabric first.

Gluing the top edgeI applied the Unique Stitch glue on the back side of one of the short edges on the fabric and folded it over about a 1/2 inch, pushing down on the glue and making sure it lightly seeped through both layers of the fabric.  This creates the openings where the leather lace will be strung through later, and this was done to both fabric pieces.  As shown in the photo, I’m working on top of a protected surface aka a scrappy, old towel.

Gluing Fabric TogetherOn the front side of the fabric piece, I applied glue on the edges below the folded edge I previously glued down, then placed the other fabric piece on top (face to face) and pushed down on the edges for adhesion.

Leather lace and beadAfter letting the glue dry for a little bit, I flipped the pouch inside out and strung the leather lace through the openings on one side of fabric, then strung it back the opposite way through the openings on the other side of fabric.  I cut the leather, slid on a wood bead, and tied a knot.

Sunglasses PouchAnd then it was done.

Draw String Sunglasses Pouch

And then I pulled the leather drawstring shut and closed the pouch.

Holding Sunglasses PouchWill I ever carry it around just like this?  Probably not, but I think it’s a fun idea.

Speaking of fun, here’s a fun fact- I worked at a Sunglass Hut when I was in high-school, and after seeing so many sunglasses that were wrecked from people wearing them on their heads, I swore I’d stop doing it myself.  Unfortunately I haven’t come close to achieving that ever.  I bet you wear your sunglasses on top of your head, too!

So what do you think of this pouch?  Do you have a use for one this summer?



15 comments on “DIY No Sew Sunglasses Pouch”

  1. I love the leather strap and wooden bead. Super cute touch!
    I definitely wear my sunglasses on my head. I am the worst sunglass owner ever, which is why I only ever buy cheapies. :)

  2. Amy, this is so cute! I love the marbled design and want to use it on everything! I always lose my sunglasses but maybe if I keep them in a cute pouch like this, I will actually remember them :)

  3. What an awesome idea! I do wear sunglasses on my head, but only because the bulky case they came with doesn’t always fit into my purse. I’m also guilty of sticking them into a purse without a case and complaining when they scratch/break. I am totally making one of these asap! And although I have a sewing machine, this Unique Stitch sound too cool not to try out :). Thanks for sharing, Amy!
    PS – loving your nailcolor!

  4. Love the fabric you picked out! My sunglasses don’t ever seem to last more than a season; they’re always getting scratched up. Gonna buy some of that fabric glue. I don’t wanna own a sewing machine!

    Thanks for linking up to The DIY’ers! Hope to see you back on Tuesday next week.

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