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DIY Mirrored Gold Hexagon Tray

DIY Mirrored gold hexagon jewelry trayIf I go too long without doing a DIY related to jewelry organization, send help- something is wrong with me.  Good thing today’s post confirms nothing is wrong since I’ve got yet another jewelry tray DIY to share with you guys, and it is SO. EASY. and terribly exciting for how pretty it is.

Tray and Gold Adhesive MylarTwo major discoveries here.  1) Crate & Barrel has these hexagon plates that are begging for repurposing and 2) adhesive gold mylar.  The latter is a game changer, guys.  You know I love my gold details, but this is the first time I’m entering into mirror-y gold chrome territory, all thanks to a lovely chick that works at my favorite craft store- gotta give a shout out to Artist & Craftsman Supply.  No question it is the best craft store in the LA area because they have everything.  And, you know how places like Michaels or Joann constantly feel understaffed and you walk around wondering if anyone works there?  Not at A&C- super attentive people who will patiently listen to me describe vague wishes for made-up supplies that I’m not even sure exist and they’ll be like oh yea we have that right over here.  So good.

traceAll I did was trace half of the plate onto the back of the adhesive mylar sheet with a pencil.


After cutting out the tracing and putting it into the plate, I determined it was a little too large, so I free-handedly cut off a bit more around the edge.

I peeled off the backing then stuck it onto the plate, which is a little tricky to place perfectly while making sure no air bubbles are created because this stuff sticks on really well.  I lined up one edge of the piece to the corresponding edge of the plate, then stuck that down as the “anchor” before smoothing over and sticking down the rest of the mylar.

Mirrored gold hexagon tray DIYIt’s best done in one shot.  An air bubble got into mine, so I peeled back that section of the mylar and smoothed it back on to be air-bubble free, but it messed with the chrome finish of the mylar just a bit.  In the photo above, you can see a little cloudiness in the gold where I had peeled back the adhesive, which is hardly anything to get bent up over, but I’m just saying- it’s better not to peel and re-stick!

DIY Mirrored gold hexagon tray

DIY Gold dipped hexagon trayI love it.  A lot.  This is everything that I mean by simple ideas with big impact.  And how the heck am I going to resist sticking this gold stuff onto everything?  I’ve done a lot with gold spray paint, but it doesn’t come near to achieving the shiny finish of this mylar.  What should I do with it next??

37 comments on “DIY Mirrored Gold Hexagon Tray”

    1. Thanks, Yasmin! I got it at a local craft store. I think maybe a place like Blick would have it? I’m also not 100% sure that it’s mylar. That’s just what the woman who worked at the store called it but she may have been saying it’s “like” mylar.

    1. I had no idea at all until I asked the craft store chick if they had anything “shiny gold metallic with adhesive backing.” I’m always going to talk to the people that work there from now on!

  1. This is such a good idea! Do you know if they make adhesive copper mylar? I’ll have to check out Artist & Craftsman Supply, I live in LA and have never even heard of it! Thanks for this awesome DIY!

    1. Yay LA! No idea if there was copper, but good idea I’ll ask next time I’m there. Glad I could help you discover this gem- you’re going to love it!

  2. I LOVE a helpful sales associate with awesome ideas. The mylar will be a game changer for me- Thanks for sharing! Great DIY – and I love your site! Xx

  3. Hi!! I am i love with your creativity and beauty in your items. Would you mind telling me where you got your vase from?? Keep up the good work! :)

    1. Hi B! The vase was from Nate Berkus at Target from a couple years ago. I don’t think it’s available anymore.
      Thanks so much for your kind words!!

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