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DIY Mini Mother’s Day Garland

DIY Mini Mothers Day GarlandWhoever decided that brunch would be a Mother’s Day tradition deserves a plate of waffles.  Is this a part of your Mother’s Day tradition?  I’d want this for myself every week for no reason, and if it came adorned with a garland like this served right in bed, my heart would soar.  Always the little things, guys.

Sometimes you just gotta craft something super freaking cute, and doing it for mom feels like a most appropriate occasion.  So in light of Mother’s Day, I made this really really cute and simple DIY to accompany a Mother’s Day brunch at home- tutorial over at the PBteen blog!

DIY  Mini Mothers Day GarlandIf brunch isn’t happening at home, this could work for a card, or it can be made in a larger version to hang up, or it could be done for a completely different occasion.  This is really just my basic recipe for a garland sign, for whatever size or whatever message.  Other messages to consider: “You da best”, “You’re my favorite”, “Mother of Dragons”.

Mini Mothers Day Garland DIYSee the how-to here!  AND, could y’all let me know what you have planned for Mother’s Day?  I’m really curious to know how everyone celebrates, and if DIY is involved.  I’ve also been hearing a lot about Mother’s Day events thrown for all the moms around, which is something I’ve never participated in myself, but wonder if it’s a common thing.

16 comments on “DIY Mini Mother’s Day Garland”

  1. Too danged adorable! Can’t wait to do this for my honey’s 40th birthday later this month. Thinking it’ll go into a tower of tollhouse cookies, or a mini fruit covered cheesecake. ;) Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks, Marlene! Haha those are the pillows from our living room that I just used for this shoot. Still figured out the pillow situation!

  2. This is so perfect! I need to put this together for Mother’s Day this weekend. Thanks for sharing! I’ve included your post in my Five on Friday roundup today, have a great weekend :)

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