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DIY Memo Board

DIY Memo Board
You know those photo/memo boards that get really popular around dorm shopping season, typically seen with the elastic/ribbon in diamond formation?  For this DIY, I was thinking about coming up with my own version of one of those, especially since not being able to get over the inspiration from the grid wall display in this work space.

I’d love to get a huge one of those for my much later future work space when I have more room in general, but for now a small one will do.  PLUS, I turned to making this elastic version so that I wouldn’t have to deal with using clips or other hanging mechanisms.  Convenience is wonderful.

-birch plywood (I used a 12×24″ piece from Michaels)
foam brush
elastic cord (I used three packs)

paintPaint the plywood with a foam brush.  Use a larger foam brush than I did to speed this up.  Apply at least two layers or more until opaque and let completely dry.


Flip the board over face down and tie the elastic very very very very tightly around lengthwise (it will loosen a little as you tie it unless you are flawless at tying knots without any slip).  Double knot it and cut off the excess, and repeat this with each piece of elastic 3 inches apart.


Repeat previous steps but this time horizontally across the board.

Memo Board- DIY

It’s done!  Wasn’t that easy?  Now put your stuff on it.

DIY- Memo Board

You may have noticed I have a mustache in one of the photos.  That’s because we were Gustavo and Pablo for Halloween (you watch Narcos?)

DIY memo board grid

Memo Board DIY

I later strung on these copper string lights which made me realize copper is coming back strong into my life.  Gold always sweeps the number one spot in my heart but I can’t stop thinking about copper, or rose gold.  I’ll for sure have to play around with this some more in the home.

Are you also working on getting your desk/work space organized?  Or, let me know about any spaces in your home you’re trying to get in order!

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    1. That white in blog world is pretty big yea haha. Highly encourage you to do your own color variation- customization is the best part of DIY! Please share if you end up doing that! Thanks, Rana <3

  1. Where did you get that marble pencil holder? I’ve been looking all over online for one and haven’t found any goos ones!

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