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DIY Leather File Folders

Leather File Folders

Office supplies might be my favorite things ever, especially to DIY.  That, on top of the following two reasons, explains why today’s post is so exciting- 1) this is my first time crafting with leather and I found out that I LOVE LEATHER, and 2) I’m sharing this DIY over at Design*Sponge!  Major excitement goosebumps today.

These leather folders are a simple and chic upgrade to the traditional file folders.  The leather is a pretty unexpected and unique material for this kind of project, but still works beautifully and makes for some really sturdy folders.

DIY Leather File Folders

DIY Leather FilesBoyfriend was even excited for this DIY because he’s been asking me for a while to make him some sort of Kindle case, which the smaller leather file folder is absolutely perfect for.  Both folders would be excellent as tablet sleeves.


Black and natural leather file folders

For all the details on how I made these folders, head over to Design*Sponge, and come say hello!  See you guys there <3.


I’ve seen a few comments around about how some feel this project is beyond a skill level they want to cross, so if you’re interested in purchasing leather file folders, you can find them at Made In Rye.  Abbie has been crafting leather goods like these for a few years now and her shop is full of stunning, handmade items.  I think you guys will really like her work, so check it out!

24 comments on “DIY Leather File Folders”

    1. Oh gosh, it’s crazy to think such an opportunity was even possible for me. Your support means the world <3 Thanks so much, Marlene!!!

  1. Isn’t leather amazing?! I’ve used it a couple times and need to find another reason to use it again soon! And that is AMAZE that you’re posting over at Design Sponge! Congrats girl :)

    1. All leather everything <3 Although I'll be real, my hands got pretty cramped after this project so I'm laying off the leather stitching for a while :P
      Thank you so much, Bre!!

  2. Amy, these are so fab and absolutely genius I must say. I was filing some paper work last week and just thinking to myself how hideous my folders looked. I would look so much more chic walking around the office with some of these! lol And how exciting for you to be on Design Sponge! Congrats!


  3. Hi Amy, a great project and could be used as the basis of lots of things. The use of the circular cutter is a good tip and I’d not understood how the leather awl worked before so I’ve learnt a few things.

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