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DIY Faux Marble Lamp

DIY Faux Marble Lamp

I found a lamp that immediately reminded me of a $200 marble lamp on my wish list, except it was on sale for $18 and wasn’t marble.  No way this DIY could not happen, and maybe you’ve already guessed that this is going to be REALLY easy, like maybe doesn’t even classify as a DIY because it’s so easy but it totally is a DIY.  These are my favorite ones.

marble contact paper

white lampThis lamp from Target is excellent and beautiful already, but sure, let’s make it marble.

contact paperI measured the height of the white portion of the lamp to be about 8.25″, then measured that I’d need about 14.25″ in length to wrap around the lamp and overlap.  I traced out these measurements on the back of the marble contact paper and cut it out.

applicationPeeling off a small portion of the backing, I lined up the paper as straight as possible before sticking it down, then smoothed over the paper with my fingers while peeling off the rest of the backing little by little.

I had to re-do this part a couple times, but the good thing is that this contact paper is pretty forgiving, meaning if you gently peel and re-stick, it won’t completely mess up the finish of the paper when you stick it on again.  For some of the stubborn air bubbles, I used a credit card to smooth them out.

marble lamp DIYToo easy?

Faux marble lamp- DIY

That gold stem and acrylic detail- gorgeous bones, and if I get sick of the marble for some reason I can just peel off the contact paper later.  I’m a fan of that!

DIY  Faux marble lamp

Faux Marble Lamp DIY

Threw in another styling of the lamp because I liked this too, and admittedly spent a lot of time playing around with decor on this one to find that I’m loving a minimal style even more these days.  I’ve been keeping that in mind as I work on some changes to our living room (!) meaning changing my mind about everything about a hundred times.  Nothing new there.

Are you into this marble makeover?  Do you prefer the lamp the way it was before?  I really love both!


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