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Happy 1st Birthday, Homey Oh My!

Happy 1st birthday Homey Oh My!

We made it!!  One year of blogging!!!  Fastest year of my life, wow.

Today is a little bit past the one year mark from my first blog post, but it marks exactly one year from the day I went live with my blog and sent an email to all my friends to ask for their support, haha!  Seriously, I did that, and I will never forget how much it meant to me to have their encouragement, and still today.

One year ago today, I remember being a nervous wreck of excitement and fear over the launch of this blog.  I barely slept, I’d forget to eat, I poured everything I had into planning, making, and learning for the growth of this blog (I’ve chilled out a LOT since then, thankfully).  As terrified as I was, I knew that all meant this would be worth striving for.

Through this entire experience, I can say I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing fear as an opportunity.  Every time I pushed through fear, I never regretted it, because good things always came out of it, whether I realized it immediately or later on.  The fear is absolutely still there today, everyday, over a lot of different things, but I’ve learned that it can be a sign that something great is about to happen.

pursue it

The goals I had initially set for this blog were just to stick with it for the long term, to get better at putting myself out there, and to feed my desire to keep learning and growing.  What I got in return for achieving these goals was exponentially more than I ever could have predicted, which is why pursuing this blog was the best decision I ever made.  I kicked fear right in the ass.

So I thought I was going to go through and talk about all the things I learned in my first year of blogging and everything that made it so wonderful, but instead I’m just going to focus on the biggest one of them all:

One of the greatest things you can do for someone is to let them know you appreciate their work.

I’ve never met a blogger that didn’t *freaking love* getting comments on their posts, and I now know myself just how much those comments can be that extra push to keep believing in what you’re doing, which is everything.  I didn’t know this that well back when I was a silent admirer of other blogs, but now that I do, I’ve become a lot less reserved about showing my appreciation and enthusiasm for anything and everything, anywhere, in both blog world and in-person world, because through you guys, I’ve grown a bigger heart of gratitude.  For real.  That, in and of itself, is just a happier way to be, and nothing has taught me that better than this blog and you guys have. <3


Here’s the fun part.  As a small gesture of how deeply grateful I am for all of you, I’m having a top secret giveaway for…

Mystery BoxA mystery box.  HOW.  FUN.  Filled with a few of my favorite crafty and decor things, all brand new, hand-picked and purchased by me, and the details of which I am withholding from you so that if you are the lucky one to receive it in the mail, it will be like opening up Christmas presents.  I don’t know about you, but receiving gifts in the mail is a very rare occurrence, so I’d love to say thank you in this fun and personal way that hopefully gets you as excited as I am :D.

I want to keep this casual and intimate, so I won’t be promoting this giveaway anywhere, and to keep in line with that, there will be NO Rafflecopter widget.  Let’s all let out a sigh of relief.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me:

1) How did you first come across Homey Oh My!?


2) What’s your favorite Homey Oh My! project/post?

I LOVE hearing from you guys, so I’d be delighted to hear your answers.  One winner will be selected randomly and emailed in a week, some time next Friday the 12th!

After you leave your comment, go and leave a few more comments for your favorite blogs out there, or let your friend know she did an amazing job planning your last get-together, or tell your coworker you love her new haircut.  However small it may be, spread the love whenever you feel it.  It will be so appreciated.

Love you guys <3.



A winner has been selected!  There were 39 valid entries and using random.org, comment number #21 was selected which was…  Jessica!! Here’s her comment:

“I stumbled upon your blog from Pinterest based on my favorite project of yours – your beautiful black, white, and gold desk! So much inspiration and I’m SHOCKED you’ve only been at this one year. Incredible work!”

Congratulations, Jessica!  I can’t wait for you to receive your mystery box :D.

41 comments on “Happy 1st Birthday, Homey Oh My!”

  1. Congrats on reaching a year! That’s awesome – inspirational. Looking forward to year two. I found your blog through Bloglovin’ earlier this year. So glad it was suggested. I love the DIY painted bowls, a fun and achievable way to add some interest to plain dishware. :)

  2. You. are. amazing. I’m so glad you pushed through the initial fear of starting your blog because look at you now – one year on and an inspiration to DIYers everywhere! I can’t recall where I first saw your blog but I do remember it was a HUGE source of inspiration for me when I was setting up mine. Happy 1st blog birthday! xx

  3. Happy 1 year blog anniversary! I just came across your blog TODAY and I’m already in love with it! Before I read this post I started following you on blog lovin so I can follow along. :)

    My favorite post is this one. Simply because I am a brand new blogger and your words speak to my heart. Yes, this journey is scary but so much fun all at the same time. I still have so much to learn before I feel like my blog is exactly what I want it to be but I know it’s going to be awesome as long as I stick with it.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!! I look forward to following your blog.

  4. Happy 1st Blog Anniversary! I remember just doing a Google search for desk/workspace ideas and your blog pop up with details on how you re-did your workspace area (WORK SPACE REVEAL). I instantly fell in love with your ideas and décor and have been following you ever since. Continue the great job you are doing!!
    PS – I love the Black & White Abstract Art you created, so pretty

  5. Happy Anniversary. Your blog has quickly become one of my favorites and I have loved everything you’ve shared and created. I especially love your office space project and the summer tote bag you made. Continued success with your blog.bih, I first discovered your blog from a Pinterest image.

  6. I love your blog, I just found it this year but am so glad I did. I think it was linked somewhere as a good blog to read. I love your gold mouse pad! I enjoy simple projects like that!

  7. Yay Homey Oh My! Happy one year my friend. I’m so beyond thrilled that you decided to start this blog and you deserve every bit of success that has come along with it!

    I do believe I first came across Homey Oh My! when you left a very sincere and kind comment on one of my posts, which turned into some comment tag before we finally touched base and became bloggy friends! I always look forward to what you have to say and it always puts a smile on my face :)

    My favorite project is probably your office makeover. And anything you’ve done with copper and/or succulents ;)

  8. Congratulations on tackling something that was new and scary and knocking it out of the park! I found your blog when searching for new blogs. I spent the next several hours going back and reading every single one of your posts. I believe I sent you a message about that. I was seriously hooked. I love all of your gold/copper projects. The mouse pad, the desk accessories, the wall art, the fabric boxes. Your office inspired me to get serious and makeover my space. I don’t use it as an office because I make jewelry so it’s more of a workspace, but it is now almost finished and looks great. Thanks for the inspiration. I follow you daily and am disappointed when there isn’t a post (no pressure there). Suzanne

  9. Happy 1st!! Congrats for completing this awesome journey! And wish you continued success!

    I found your blog on bloglovin suggestions and am so glad I did! I am also obsessed with the combination of black white and gold and find it in so many of your projects and hence love to read your blog posts. Hard to pick one favorite but the mouse pad is awesome! And so is the no sew tote. And also the office makeover! All filled with black white gold.. Ooh la la! Continue your awesome work for many many years to come!

  10. Not that I remember exactly, but I think I discovered HOM from a link party feature! I believe it was the office update that was featured and I fell in love instantly! I love your blog and congratulations on reaching the one-year mark! It’s too hard to pick just one project… but since you’re MAKING me, I would say the painted curtains! Congrats again!

  11. Hi! I came across your blog when I was looking for fall decorating ideas. Found your gold dipped pumpkins there. Loved them! My favorite project I have seen on your blog is your work space! So amazing! So much style packed into a small space. Keep up the awesome work!

  12. Happy Blog Birthday! It’s seriously such a huge accomplishment! And I love the mini Oh, Joy hat. :)

    I don’t remember how I found you! But I love anything and everything that you do that involves succulents and black&white!

  13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary! I first came across Homey Oh My when looking for projects for my empty wine bottles (I’m a hoarder of bottles and things :D) and I found your gold spray painted wine bottle/vase project. What a simple and genius idea! I then continued to browse the rest of your DIY projects and fell in LOVE with your blog and your style. It really speaks to my personal style and gave me the confidence to go bolder with the use of gold in my apartment!

    One of my favorite projects is the Ombre Cement Candle Holders. What a unique idea! I love anything and everything that has mint in it. I loved that at first you failed but didn’t let that deter you from trying something else. (Also made me fall in love and start following Oh Joy!). If you ever need anyone to “hold” these candles for you – I am your gal!

    Once day – I am going to kick fear in the butt as well and start my own blog. For now, I will continue to be a happy reader :D

  14. I believe I discovered your blog through a “link party” for the DIY gold desk dishes on another blog. I stopped following that blog, but feel in love with yours. I love how beautifully and professionally your blog is laid out and I would not have guessed that you only been blogging for a year.

    My favorite post is the copper leaf mirror.

    Congratulations on having such a fantastic blog!

  15. I’m so new to your blog, I don’t even think it’s been a week yet! I think I stumbled across your blog when looking for another DIY and saw your post on the No Sew Beach Tote. I read through a few posts (love how you write and the personality that shows through) and promptly went to Pinterest and Instagram to start following you. I am going to make that No Sew Tote but since I JUST pulled out my dusty sewing machine…I’m going to sew it! ;) If it’s straight lines…I can do it. HA! Your workspace redo is inspirational as well…That will be another day though. I look forward to catching up on your archives and I’m glad I’m not THAT late to the party! Happy 1st Blog Birthday! Here’s to many more!

  16. Happy Blog Anniversary! I found your blog at the beginning of the year through another blog, can’t quite remember which one. My favourite post is the one you did about the stripes in your office space! I am moving into a new house next week and am hoping to do a similar treatment in my craft area :) I’m from Canada so I don’t know if I’d qualify for the giveaway but wanted to comment anyways.

  17. First off, hooray for celebrating your one year birthday! So awesome and you’ve done such amazing things in that year. I can’t wait to see what your second year holds. Now how in the world would I ever be able to pick a favorite post of yours. I first “met” you I think via my link party. I think I featured you every week and threatened to break into your home and steal many of your projects… so that’s not creepy or anything, ha! Congrats on the milestone, friend.

  18. Happy 1 year anniversary! It’s inspiring to hear humble beginnings, and good to hear your doing great. I recently found your blog through a random Pinterest post and scoured it! I loved your work place reveal, and am in the process of decorating my home office so that would be my fave post for sure! Keep up the good work! Congrats again!

  19. I first discovered Homey Oh My! through a linkup and my favorite project is a tie between the ombre candle holders and the pom pom towel. Congratulations on one year!

  20. I stumbled upon your blog from Pinterest based on my favorite project of yours – your beautiful black, white, and gold desk! So much inspiration and I’m SHOCKED you’ve only been at this one year. Incredible work!

  21. Happy blog anniversary!!

    I stumbled across your blog when I was looking up DIY art ideas on Pinterest, and I remembered seeing a few other blogs I like linking to your projects as well.

    My favourite of your projects is the ‘Be Brave’ typography wall art, not only because the project itself is lovely (and achievable!) but because of your wise words about being brave and pushing through fear.

    Thanks for cultivating such a great blog – I always find it to be a fun, inspiring place!

  22. I found your blog when I saw your gold geometric pencil holders on Pinterest, and I’m so glad I did! My favorite project is either the geo planters or the Black and White Abstract art. In fact, I’m getting ready to use your technique to make some art for my living room! Thanks for all the great post, and congrats! Heres hoping its the first anniversary of many~

  23. First off, congrats on your one year blogiversary! That’s exciting stuff. You have had such a strong blog from the get go. I look back and definitely have some cringworthy posts, haha.

    I think I came across your blog either through Pinterest or other blogs. My fav project of yours to date is the modern plant stand you made. I love projects that I would actually buy and for me that was one of them.

    All the best in the year to come, Amy!

  24. Amy — CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    I’m just a few weeks behind you as far as celebrating 1st anniversaries. I thought you had been doing this much longer.

    Ok, tough to say, but I really loved the gold dishes you created. I love everything you share and I really LOVE your photography. Beautiful. Here’s to many more. (I have to tell you that so many times I see you beautiful photo and see my young daughter in your face.) You’re lovely.

  25. You have accomplished so much in just one year! I am so happy to have gotten to know you over the past almost a year. I don’t remember exactly how I first found your blog. I think I was searching pinterest for lacquered projects and I found your little red lacquered box, and then I started browsing all of your projects and you had a that awesome gilded bowl and I decided we should be best blog friends. :) And favorite project… hmm… that’s a tough one because I really love everything you do. Everything about your desk/office space is wonderful, and I also really love that floral monogram (especially when its contrasted with your black and white DIY art!). Happy Birthday, Homey Oh My!

  26. Happy blog day, Amy. Just discovered your site via the most recent Inspiration Exchange (came from Clean & Scentsible). Your blog’s very well-organized, no pun intended – just that your presentation is clean and easy to follow, with good photography. It inspires while soothing my anxiety over the creeping chaos in my life. :o)

    Just starting to read but as of now, I’d call your birthday post my favorite. Always fun to get a peek behind the curtain. Also love your cool office makeover and appreciation for succulents. Cheers! -V.

  27. Woohoo!!! Congrats, girl! This is such a fun way to celebrate. I found your lovely blog trough Alexis at Persia Lou and have been hooked ever since :) I love all of your cool geometric crafts and anything with a splash if gold or fringe, so pretty much everything you do!

  28. Congrats!!! I honestly do not remember how i came across your blog, but im sooo glad i did )) i think i was looking for a diy project, cant remember what exactly. But my favorite is the one witn letter A, my baby’s name starts with A so i ran to joann’s to get everything and make one myself. Instead i got different fabric to make letter A pillow, which is still not done..(
    I’m also happy to hear that i’ve been reading you from the beginning, i thought i missed a lot))
    Congratulations again, and i cant wait to read more !! Thank you

  29. Happy Birthday!!! I’m so glad that you have stuck to blogging and learned amazing things from having such a great blog.

    I came across your blog pretty recently when you revealed your workspace. I found a picture of it on my absolute favorite site (Pinterest) and followed the link. I never would have imagined that it would have led me to one of my all time favorite sites!

    I think almost every single one of your posts is my favorite because I visit this site multiple times a day. As in, Homey Oh My is number two on my top lists page. I get so excited to see what you will do next! I would have to say that my all time favorite post would be your workspace reveal. It’s how I found you, and it’s been my inspiration throughout my moving process. It also combines so many of your projects into one post.

    Thank you for all of your posts and your quick comment responses!!


    A fellow black, white, and gold lover <3

  30. Hi there. I found your blog on the 101 Fall Project Idea link.
    This is my favorite post because I just started blogging about one month ago and have gotten frustrated by how hard it is to get followers, etc…
    Your Anniversary post really made me smile. I feel so much better seeing how well you have done in just one year! It gives me renewed hope today.
    Thanks so much!

  31. Happy anniversary! One year goes by SO quickly especially in the blogging world. I first discovered you I believe through pinterest and through links from another blogger. I love pretty much ALL of your posts but the one that STILL comes to mind daily whenever I reorganize my desk is your post about putting the black tape on a blank wall! Definitely an easy what to add some decor to any room, especially if you’re a renter. Again, congrats on the one year and I look forward to seeing more of your posts and collaborations!

  32. Hi Amy! Thanks so much for keeping on keeping on. I’m just about to start my own blog so yours is a complete inspiration. I can’t remember where I found yours but it was definitely linked from another — maybe Poppytalk or EnJOYit? Happy crafting and making and writing! I lived your colourful vrushstroke scarf DIY bestest. :)

  33. Congrats on making it to your 1 year! I just started blogging and reading about your experience has been an inspiration. I recently found your blog through bloglovin’ and I love your honesty and style.

  34. Yay to 1 year of Homey oh My!!! Congrats, Amy, you are such an inspiration and so talented, you totally deserve every ounce of success and much more!

    And YAY to a mystery box! What a fun little giveaway. I’m pretty sure I first found your blog through kind comments that you left on my blog! I have to agree with you 100%—starting my own blog made me realize how powerful those comments are so I now comment all the time. And, that kind of gratitude does trickle into the real world too! Is blogging the key to World Peace? I think so.

    As for my favorite project? I love your floral monogram letters. And the three-dimensional heart wall art you did. And your copper leaf mirror…really, all of your projects are fabulous. And they keep getting better! xoxo!!!

  35. Happy Birthday HomeyOhMy!!♥ I bet I found you by seeing you featured everywhere-LOL. You have such an amazing sense of style and I love EVERYTHING you do! If I would have to tell you my favorite project from you , that would be your office makeover which totally shows your unique style, girly:) Have a successful second year in blogging!Xo

  36. Congratulations on your year anniversary! I first knew your blog throught a post on Pinterest about golden accessories for your desk like dishes and I loved it so much it definwetely has to be my favorite project!! Thank you for all this great ideas!

  37. I just realized that I never wished you a Happy Blogiversary! Congrats on one year! I am so glad that I found your blog, it provides so much beautiful inspiration. I wish that we didn’t live so far from each other because I would love to have you help me with home design projects. I LOVE all of your work. Keep up the great work, Amy!

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