09/02 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

palm trees

We’re headed to Chicago for the long weekend to visit O’s family which will be the first time since our engagement, which didn’t happen that long ago but it’s still fun to think of time in that way ha!  It’s a pretty regular trip we take and I’m always excited to see everyone + reunite with my beautiful hometown.  We won’t be doing much other than hanging out with family, which means no jam-packed itinerary or extensive exploring and more like eating Italian beef sandwiches and DQ dipped cones.  I travel with my stomach in the driver’s seat.

Whatever we do, I’ll be posting that mostly I think on Snapchat (@homeyohmy).  The uncertainty is that I still haven’t figured out the ridiculously enthralling Snapchat vs IG story dilemma and have been doing both but not so much in general because it’s all been too much and I can’t decide where to hang out, so I’ve been hanging out less.  I’ve been thinking about chatting with you guys about the state of social but it’s really nothing new, just that everyone generally agrees that less of that is better for quality of life.  Still, I love connecting and hearing from you guys over that format and it’s why I keep up with it at all, so don’t hesitate to say hi or let me know how you’re doing, here, there, anywhere :)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


I love this Swedish home.  Both surprised and not surprised at how much I enjoy the accent wall color in the kitchen.

Am I late to this?  Watch the whole thing.  I laughed so hard.  Her face is the best.

No instructions, but could be fairly simple to figure out the DIY on this cute lamp.

I put a ton of priority on establishing a morning routine but not nearly enough for a night time routine which is just as important.

A beautiful small bathroom reno.  So wish we could reno ours!

The most creative use of balloons ever.

We won’t get tired of an all white space, yes?

Maybe I’m partial because I know them, but a few of my guy friends made a video of their hike in Alaska and it’s one of the most stunning things I’ve seen.


Photo from my Instagram.

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