11/13 Friday Finds

Friday Finds


Hallelujah, Friday.  Was sick this whole week and just haven’t been feeling like myself, so this weekend I’m going to try really hard to take it easy, although I am hosting Friendsgiving tomorrow and already bouncing off the walls about it.  It’s going to be GREAT, but I might also ruin it because I’m maybe roasting a turkey for the first time.  I’ll probably be Snapchatting if you want to see (@homeyohmy)!  Have you already had your Friendsgiving, or are you planning on having one?

Happy weekend <3.


I’ve got an Instagram giveaway going on for my current favorite bag ever- enter here!

The prettiest paper wreaths.

This comic hit me right in the gut.

Very cute Christmas tree alternatives for small spaces.

24 time-saving hacks for busy entrepreneurs, though a lot of this can apply to everyone.

Can’t not mention a beautiful monochrome home.

I haven’t made a single successful thing in my crockpot (and am close to tossing it). Could this be the first?

Roundup of inspo for Thanksgiving decor and recipes

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  1. Every crockpot meal I had made turned out horribly until we got a new one for Christmas last year. Now, every meal turns out fantastic! I am thinking the heat settings were off. Maybe this could be the issue with yours?

    1. Could that really be it?? I also figured maybe it’s not best for meat, because I’ve only done meat dishes and they all turned out awful. Which crockpot do you use now?

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