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2016 Planners

I take picking the perfect planner very seriously, so much that this has now been months of contemplating (too long?)  It’s my lifeline for staying organized, so I’m super particular about what I want: something functional while still simple, monthly + weekly + list/notes pages, large enough for thorough notes/drawings but not a pain to carry around, monthly tabs are always legit, and on top of all this, good design.  These reasons, plus my love of paper, are probably why I end up getting more than one for each year- I know I’m not alone on this.

So after scouring for this criteria, and discovering more features that I now believe that I need, I’ve narrowed down to six choices:

1. Large Monthly Planner– Ok, so I already have this one and previously doubted it because it’s overly simplified, but Molly convinced me that’s why I’d love it, and she was right.  It’s sooo clean with ample space to write out monthly plans.
2. Marjolein Delhaas A6 Basic Planner– I adore the design of the pages, but it lacks a monthly layout.  It would accompany my large monthly planner well, though!
3. Design Love Planner– Love the cover, and the weekly list spreads, daily pages, and monthly tabs have me thinking this might be the one.
4. Sugar Paper Planner– I used a Sugar Paper one this year and loved it, and now knowing they brought back my favorite full-length notes pages, I’m tempted to get it again.  I’m looking at this one in particular because of the list and goal pages, but still wouldn’t mind doing the gold one again.
5. Craftsposure Planner– Super intrigued by this because it’s specific to bloggers, including things like a monthly marketing calendar, traffic tracker, and budget sheets.
6. Day Designer– I’ve heard a ton of good stuff about this one, mostly regarding the daily pages planned by the hour and goal worksheets. I just wish they offered more cover designs!

I’m thinking I want to try out a planner with more goal-focused organizing, but part of me thinks maybe that’s too tailored and I’d be fine keeping that stuff to a notebook.  Any thoughts on that?  Have a favorite of the bunch here?  Of course, if you know of one you think I’d like, please please share it because it’s not like I’ve already spent too much time trying to decide or anything like that.

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  1. Have you thought about passion planner? :3 It’s specifically oriented towards goal planning. I just tried it out (they have free printable downloads for the ENTIRE year :O) and I’m liking the walk-through of breaking down your goals step by step. Every month the planner encourages you to pick one of your mini-goals, break them into tasks, and then make progress on those tasks.

    Personally I feel like keeping separate notebooks for goals vs tasks/dailies separates them too much. I’ve tried it in the past, and it’s never seemed to work for me, because it creates a mental compartmentalization between my goals and my tasks.. and what are my tasks, if not to get me closer to my goals? (ideally, anyways). So in that sense, it’s nice to see them all in one place :)

    Anyways, hope you’ve been doing well, Amy! I love your blog haha and have been silently stalking it for forever… Hope I’ll catch you around sometime (maybe at a future alum get together? ;) )

    1. Well dang, haven’t heard of passion planner and I always like anything FREE. Good find, Angie, thanks. Appreciate the insight on consolidating scheduling and goal setting- I think you’re right.

      So good to hear from you, and we most definitely have to catch up!

  2. I ordered #3 and am eagerly awaiting it. I hope it is the right one especially as pricier than the others, to help me get my shizzles together. Will look into passion planner (thanks Angie) too. Girl needs all the help she can get (think Einstein’s desk–that’s me)!

    1. Ahh, didn’t know different cover designs were elsewhere. Thanks for sharing that, and glad I could help! I’m still agonizing over my decision haha.

  3. Love these! My planner is part calendar and part recipe book. Anyone know where I can find reusable planners that look like these? I hate having to throw away a nice cover.

  4. I love the Passion Planner! I think it’s definitely something you need if you’re looking for a more goal-oriented planner. You should try the free print outs Angie mentioned. I’m currently using the 2015 planner and my 2016 planner came a month ago!


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