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5 days ago he asked me to marry him and I said yes.  3 years ago we moved into our first home together, the home you all have made so enjoyable for us to share with you.  7 years ago we got back in a relationship when he moved from Chicago to LA to start a new chapter together.  10 years ago we broke up after a year of struggling through a long distance relationship.  11 years ago we became high school sweethearts and he took me to senior prom.  20 years ago he moved to my school district and I was the first person to talk to him in our homeroom class (I don’t remember this, but he does and I like to mention it because it makes our story cuter).  He has, and always will be, the best thing that ever happened to me.  WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!

On Wednesday, he told me he won a raffle at work for a one night stay at a hotel and that he booked it for the day after on June 9th.  The truth is, this was not weird to me at all.   These raffles have happened at his work before, and he has regularly planned these kind of “surprise date nights” on random weekdays in the past like the seriously nice person he is, so this was totally in character for him.  Friends who heard about these plans commented on how fake they sounded, but I was completely unaware.  Well ok, the thought briefly crossed my mind that this could be it, but that thought has crossed my mind pretty much every time we’ve hung out in the past 7 years, so perhaps I was tired of expecting it to come, ha!

I didn’t know until we almost got there that we’d be staying in Malibu, which has no specific relevance to us other than that it is one of our favorite places ever.  We walked down to the beach and when we got to the water, he encouraged me to take all the photos I wanted to, which he never does.  Smart guy, though.  I look back and laugh seeing that he knew it was best to get that terrible blogger habit of mine out of the way before he turned to me and started to propose.  I don’t even completely remember what he said, and I’d maybe say it didn’t matter.  Seeing him well up with emotion is all I really noticed and it touched me deeply, and the relief that this was finally happening made me calm and happy (did you ever notice my playful hashtags on IG wondering when he was going to propose?  I’ve wanted this to happen for a long time!)

We spent the following days telling close friends and family about the good news, living up the rest of our stay in Malibu, and enjoying keeping our engagement a bit of a secret amongst ourselves.  I didn’t plan for it to be that way, but it felt really good to be in our own world and savor the happiness in private.  Fun fact for Snapchat followers: you were watching some of this unfold, and I never announced the news on there even though I reeeeeaaaally wanted to but I also thought nah I’ll do it later ;)

So I’m happy.  Excited, happy, and really happy.  Maybe it’s because it’s all still so fresh, but I really feel different.  I told my mom we’ve basically been married for years, but she assured me that everything changes now, that we’ll become even more deeply connected and emotionally bonded, which I already do feel that way.  Mom is always right, right?

The question I’m getting from family now is when’s the wedding.  Where do I even begin with that?  What do I do??  Can’t we just stay engaged forever!?  I know many of you have some wisdom to share on that, so I’m all ears.  Please.

Many thanks in advance for the love and support, and for reading a bit of our story.  I’m extremely grateful that you’re here to be a part of this moment with us <3.

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  1. Yesssss! I wondered when I saw your “surprise getaway” snap so this makes me so happy. Your story is the sweetest and I love how happy you are. Sending you guys years of love and friendship!

  2. Congratulations again! (I said it on IG hehe) I am
    Not married but I do believe you should enjoy the engaged life and not get caught up planning a wedding. Enjoy the moment, you don’t have to get married right away. My guy and I have talked about it, no pressure after the ring, no wedding to eat up all the happiness. It can be a year or more, but we’ll take our time to actually have a wedding when and how we would liek, no rushing to “makenit happen”.
    To me being engaged means that a deeper commitment has been made between you two, it’s not just a “hey I got this ring which means it’s a ticking clock”. Hugs and congrats to both of you!!

  3. Yay, we’ve all been along for the long awaited proposal and it’s so thrilling to have happened!! Congrats congrats.

  4. Amy congratulations!!! This is a magical season in your relationship ❤️ And in my humble opinion planning a wedding is a little like a test on how a couple work together to make the big day happen! I’ve been married 19 years this October and I can tell you it is a breeze at first then it gets hard you get throughtgs the struggles and then it gets better ! So so happy for you! All my love, Ursula

  5. My son and daughter-in-law got married at Disney World. You get to choose how much the wedding will cost and they give you the choices. You get to choose everything online. It was wonderful! We just flew to Orlando and Disney did the rest.
    Easiest wedding ever.

  6. I had a sneaky little feeling this was happening when I saw your snaps! You two are the cutest and I couldn’t be happier for you!

  7. Congratulations Amy, so happy for both of you. Have been looking forward to the happy news for ever now I think – have a great time and I am sure it is going to be a beautiful wedding and beautiful life just like everything else you do.

  8. Congrats on your engagement!! Enjoy this happy time of being engaged and worry about the wedding planning later. I got engaged last year and didn’t really have time to enjoy it. We just jumped right into wedding planning and it has been pretty hectic. But I am truly excited for our wedding day to arrive. Let me know if you have any wedding questions. Must say, I was so lost when I first got engaged.

  9. Congratulations!!
    Stay engaged forever!! Just Kidding. Trust me take your time in planning! I say 12 months is good enough time to plan everything out! I planned my wedding in six months and if I could go back I would’ve waited and saved more to have everything that wanted for my wedding. It was still beautiful, but there was so much more I could’ve done!
    Enjoy that Fiance title girl!!

  10. Amy!!! I am so very excited for you. Love reading your story, and seeing your cute faces! Don’t get stressed out about wedding planning–enjoy being engaged and don’t feel pressured to do anything more (or less) than what feels right to you guys. I know what you mean about keeping the good news between yourselves for as long as possible. We did that too, when we found out we were pregnant. With everything so public these days it felt nice to have a private little secret between the two of us!

    Anyways, SUPER DUPER EXCITED FOR YOU, and congrats again!!! xoxo

  11. What a great love story! I loved reading this post. Thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations & wish you both all the best on this next chapter of your lives.

  12. Congratulations! Engagement is a big big day in life and it should be happy and full of love and blessings. I don’t know for others but for me, it’s the start of a new life because it has an end: marriage and kids.
    Beautiful ring.

  13. Congratulations! May you both find yourselves “on honeymoon” for the rest of your lives… :) Now let’s get a close up of that gorgeous ring!!! Those of us still waiting need some inspo to not-so-secretly send to our sisters just in case our honeys start asking for guidance!

  14. Awh, congratulations that is so lovely. Stay engaged, get married soon, whatever you both want!
    Whatever you do though don’t let wedding plans stress you out too much. It’s just a day! Enjoy the planning, enjoy being engaged, enjoy the wedding day then enjoy being married to one another – that’s the whole point after all!

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