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27 Random Facts About Me for My 27th Birthday



Yup, I turn 27 today!  Would you have guessed I was younger?  I only assume that because most people guess that I’m around 23 or still in college.  I had one stranger guess that I was 19 :( … c’mon now…

For my 27th birthday, I thought it’d be fun to share 27 random things about me.  I’ve never done anything like this before and am liking the idea because I rarely just chat with you guys on the blog, let alone just share things about myself.  Hopefully you guys find this fun and interesting!

1)  My favorite color is green, though if we want to get super technical, it’s gold.  Black and white are high on the list too.  And creeping up on the list is copper.

2)  I live in an apartment with my high school sweetheart.

3)  My major in college was physiology and I picked it because I was interested in studying cadavers.  That sounds unintentionally morbid when really I just have a fascination with the human body!

4)  I was born and raised in Chicago, which I genuinely believe is one of the greatest cities, minus the weather.

5)  I danced on a competitive hip hop team during my four years of undergrad and led the team my senior year.  It’s one of my proudest accomplishments and many of the people I danced with are still my best friends today.

6)  My parents have been working in the floral design business my whole life and I think that might have something to do with my flower and plant obsession.

7)  Biggest celebrity crush is Leonardo DiCaprio and my boyfriend enthusiastically approves of this.

8)  I have an older brother and three nephews.

9)  One of my childhood dreams was to be a professional figure skater, which came from having taken lessons for a couple years and loving it.

10)  I’m a crier.  Sad movies or seeing other people cry = instant tears.

11)  My biggest life goal is to raise a happy and healthy family.

12)  I cut my own hair because I don’t trust anyone else to do it.

13)  I got my first job at 15, and it was at Dairy Queen.  I’d always come home completely speckled in ice cream because of the blizzard machine.

14)  I think The Twilight Saga is so bad that it’s so good.  I call it deliciously painful entertainment.

15)  My boyfriend and I have a tradition called Steak Sundays, where he grills a steak every Sunday on a cast iron grill pan.  It is most delicious.

16)  Top 5 favorite stores in no particular order: Target, Home Depot, Anthropologie, H&M, and HomeGoods.  Darn, I left out Trader Joe’s… Top 6, then.

17)  I love staying at home.  LOVE.  It’s my favorite Friday night activity.

Let's stay in.

18)  My drink of choice is whiskey on ice.

19)  I have a wide range of taste in music, and I currently mostly listen to electronic artists, but my favorite band is probably Fleetwood Mac.

20)  The only sports I ever played competitively were volleyball and badminton.

21)  I’m very good at sleeping.  Some places where I can’t resist falling asleep are during long car rides or boring movies.

22)  I’m on Team Gale.

23)  Some topics I had considered blogging about before I started Homey Oh My! were fashion and beauty, which feels SO strange thinking back on that now because I’m such an awkward bird when it comes to taking photos of myself.  But still, fashion and beauty are big interests of mine.

24)  I’m a HUGE dog lover.

25)  Cats have a soft spot in my heart too, which only happened because I lived with my old roommate’s cuddly cats a few years ago.

26)  My favorite TV show is Mad Men.  So happy the new season is here!!!

27)  I’m a major advocate for flossing.  I can’t live without flossing my teeth everyday.

Can you relate to any of these things??  Please someone tell me they appreciate Twilight the way I do…

Year 26 was probably the best year of my life so far.  I made new friends, started sharing a home with the love of my life, and discovered my passion- this blog!!!  My soul has never felt more awake and I’ve never been more excited about the future.  I have high hopes that 27 will be even bigger and better, and I’m so thankful you guys are coming along with me for the journey. Thanks for sticking by me, guys <3.

I’ve got a weekend full of celebrating coming up, including some old friends traveling in from out of town, and I. Can’t. Wait!  Hope you all have an amazing weekend to look forward to, which for me would only require sweatpants and ice cream (am I right or am I right?)

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  1. Happy Birthday! : ) I am 100% on team Friday nights = comfy clothes and my couch- anything else is too exhausting haha. I only got into Twilight to try to understand what my sisters were gushing about- and I totally got hooked on the it’s so bad it’s good thing as well! Hope you have a fabulous weekend celebrating : )

  2. happy birthday amy!!!! your fun facts make me giggle! i have in common with you #9,10, 12, 17, and the hop! (only i can’t watch sad movies, so i cry during happy ones sometimes) i want to wish you a super happy and creative year ahead, and i know you will have many beautiful adventures! you are sooo talented, always look forward to visiting here! =)

  3. Hi! Happy birthday sweet girl! 27 is awesome!!! I’m also team Gale, love, love Madmen and I’m sad this is the final season, BUT, the only good thing that is ending is that I hope they keep Kiernan’s character wholesome. I couldn’t bear seeing her turning into a crazy 70’s chic. Your photo is darling! Did your boyfriend take it? Awww Palm Trees, I miss them dearly… I’m from Lima, Peru originally but I’ve been a Seattlelite for ever.
    #16, YUP you hit all my stores too! They just opened a TJ’s around my house and I’m there all the time.
    All the best! I could go on and write some more but the kids are giggling in the bathroom… who knows what they are up to ;)

  4. Dude I love crying. It’s like my favorite thing to do lately. Lol and duh, you’re Team Gale. Happy birthday, Amy! See you this weekend!

  5. Happy Birthday!! I’d guess you were 26-27. ;) Right on! LOVE your term for Twilight! I’m a huge Twihard but it is TERRIBLE and I don’t recommend it to anyone…but can’t get enough. ;) I’m the same with having plans…I like making plans so I can look forward to them but once the time comes I dread the time and effort it takes! <3

  6. well this list just makes me want to be your friend that much more! ha. And I’m 26 and get told that I look like I could be in high school, so there’s that. Def can relate with you there! staying in is my fav and I am absolutely on team Gale. and commercials make me cry. a lot. anyway, wishing you the happiest birthday! have fun this weekend, xoxo

  7. Happy birthday, Amy!!! :) I never knew you have a brother!! And I totally feel you about Twilight being a guilty pleasure. I watch it on low volume due a high fear of getting caught enjoying it.

  8. Happy Birthday! This post was SO fun to read. Chicago is one of my favorite cities. I would want to live there too (if it wasn’t for the weather, I don’t think I could do the snow). If you want to run into Leo, best chance is the Hollywood Farmer’s Market. We have spotted him there once or twice, although he doesn’t look as dashing in person and is usually playing it low-key in a baseball hat. Have a great weekend!

  9. my dear Amy – happy birthday to you sweetheart I wish you to be healthy and happy and to have a wonderful family of your own with my son :))) i was crying when i read that last year was the best in your life – you shared it with the love of your life … i am so glad you feel this way and i am happy for you that this blog is the big success :)))) all the best to you Amy and my home is always open for you – you know that :))) i hope to see two of you this summer in Chicago…..Love, Era

  10. Happy happy birthday! 27 seems like a great year for sure, although I always favor even numbered birthdays. =) Loved hearing some fun tid bits about you! Go Chicago, I’m from Indianapolis and we’d always go up to Chicago… good times (and cold weather). Have a great day.

  11. Happy, happy birthday! Great picture! So fun finding out more about you :) So crazy that you cut your own hair. That’s awesome. I don’t dare…I’m too afraid! Totally agree with your favorite stores list!! Hope you are spoiled this weekend for your bday!

  12. Happy Birthday Amy! Thank you for sharing your 27 facts about me, I feel like I got to know you better and you’ve inspired me to share some random facts about me in one of my upcoming posts as well. I love animals I have a dog and a cat and, like you, have just recently fell in love with cats. Nice post!

  13. Happy Birthday dear friend!!! This was so much fun to read through!!! I’m so jeleous you live in LA!! That’s where I grew up before moving to the central valley at 14. I LOVE LA!!!

  14. The Twilight one was my favorite. The last movie was SOOOOOOOOO awesomely bad. I went with my sisters and we just laughed hysterically through the whole thing and annoyed all the people around us. Also you are cute. Also Happy Birthday!

  15. I can totally relate to being mistaken for much younger…I’m 7 years older than my sister, but people always assume SHE’S the older one! I’m sure one day we’ll appreciate it :) Happy birthday :)

  16. Happy Birthday Amy! I loved reading these tid bits about you and well, you had me a whisky on ice! Hope you have a fantastic birthday and I’m so glad that you have found your passion cause you are darn good at it!

  17. Happy belated birthday, Amy! Hope you had a blast celebrating! I can def relate to #23…love beauty and fashion, but couldn’t fathom the idea of posting photos of myself constantly. And whiskey on ice..totally didn’t see that one coming :)

  18. Dearest Amy,
    Happy belated birthday!!!!
    Ooooh, I love spending Friday nights at home. Sometimes my boyfriend and me get the impression that we are the lamest couple on earth but we just enjoy our time on the couch eating unhealthy stuff, watching a movie.
    I hope that you had an amazing 27th birthday. Thanks for sharing your fun facts.
    Looking forward to your next posts.
    x, Mina

  19. Happy Birthday, Amy! New to your blog, loving it thus far. Only around since September and already getting tons of comments on your posts? JEALOUS! Mine’s been around over a year and most of what I get is Russian spam clicks lol. Or maybe I’m just down with the Russians… hard to tell. :p

    And #17 has always been me, I just may print that quote out or use it as my phone background because it’s SO TRUE. <3

  20. We have SO many things in common! Which is badass. :D Also, I love your blog and how simply it is laid out. That’s awesome that you started following your blogging dream only a year ago, you should share your tips! I find myself struggling with getting my posts out there in between working my PT job and my handmade business o.O And also just getting the word out that I exist in general!

    AKA I never sleep. Though I love it so, especially on long car rides :)

    Can’t wait to read more! :D <3

  21. Aww! I love your blog!! I’m 27 also, and I know what it’s like to have people think you’re young. Girls always ask me which high school I go to, lol. One day we’ll appreciate it, I guess?

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