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DIY Boxwood and Pinecone Gift Topper

DIY Pine Cone and Boxwood Gift Toppers

Within my piles of crafty holiday messes, this easier than easy idea was born: recycle craft leftovers into gift toppers.  Seriously, you can make anything into a gift topper, especially if it’s left over from some other holiday project, like these pine cones left over from my pine cone garland, or these boxwood branches left over from a DIY that’s yet to come ;).

It’s so so simple, and maybe I don’t even have to explain it since it’s not a new concept at all, but the point is that you can make this work with whatever materials you have on hand by following these easy steps.

BoxwoodI tied a boxwood branch onto the gift with string.  So far so good.

glueNext, I applied hot glue onto the bottom of a pine cone, then placed it on top of where the boxwood branch and ribbon intersected.

DIY Pine Cone and Boxwood Topper

Paired with a bold, graphic wrapping paper like this, these classic holiday materials look a little more fresh and updated, no?

DIY Boxwood and Pine Cone Gift Topper

DIY Pine Cone and Boxwood Gift Toppers

DIY Boxwood and Pine Cone Gift Toppers

Any greens would work, like some branches from your Christmas tree, or holly, or maybe some rosemary, whatever!  Instead of pinecones, you could use ornaments, or classic gift bows, mini bottle brush trees, pom poms, anything cute you’ve got lying around, really.  The options and combos are interesting to think about, aren’t they?

Hopefully that gives you some ideas to get started on some simple and beautiful wrapping.  Are you done shopping for gifts yet?  Yea, me neither.

For another gift topper idea, check out my ornament cluster gift topper if you haven’t already!

11 comments on “DIY Boxwood and Pinecone Gift Topper”

  1. Now this type of gift topper is totally doable, even for a DIY adversed person as me. I love how pretty this looks without being too complicated.
    I love all your DIY projects, thank you for sharing! Love the color of the paper you have picked.

  2. Love this way to finish off gifts! It’s so nice to add a bit of nature and texture I think, and your graphic wrapping paper looks great.
    I added small mini baubles to my Christmas presents this year which I think looks really cute. Something about a mini bauble just gets me! x

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