09/25 DIY Roundups

Simple and Modern DIYs to Try

Simple and Modern DIYsI was walking around the craft store a few days ago and out of nowhere my head was exploding with a million ideas (ok it was more like five).  I’m actually not always in the mood to DIY.  I go through bouts of not wanting to make anything, then suddenly wanting to make everything.  I’d rather wait for inspiration than force it, and when it comes, it pours.  So currently, I’m feeling pumped about making and just trying new ideas.  Here are a few that I probably won’t get to but I still like a lot!

1. Wall hanging DIYs are my favorite.  This one is gorgeous!
2. Geometric holders that support how much I love anything geometric.
3. Always love a good painted bowl project.
4. I’m really, really into the design of this trivet.
5. A cool and pretty way to display photos.
6. This leather envelope clutch is perfect.


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