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Happy Long Weekend

Happy Long Weekend


The best thing about a short week?  A long weekend, of course!  Just wanted to jump on here for a minute and wish you a happy holiday.  The 4th of July not only feels like the heart of summer, but also a reminder that we’re half-way through the year.  HALF.  I’ve already started drawing up ideas for pumpkins, guys… and right behind that is going on a wrapping paper hunt for Christmas.

Having to plan ahead for blog content constantly keeps my head in the future, anticipating upcoming events, holidays, seasons, deadlines, all that yummy stuff, which makes being in the now, or looking back and remembering past joys and successes, one of my biggest challenges.  I’m sure that’s a large part of why it feels like time has gone into ultra warp-speed, and why I’m recognizing more than ever that taking a minute to stop and look around is crucial for dominating life.  SO, thank goodness for long weekends and holidays that force us to slow down, spend time with our loved ones, and take leisure seriously.

I’m planning on clocking in some time at the beach tomorrow, which I haven’t gone to yet this year, which is how to NOT take advantage of living on the west coast so we’re going to do something about that so long as some of this residual June gloom doesn’t get in the way.  Also have a July 4th house party to go to, which has become a yearly tradition in our a circle of friends and is always a blast.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a weekend like this, and I’m simply really, really excited for it.

Got any plans or 4th of July traditions?
Hope you guys have a happy, fun, and safe weekend. <3

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  1. Have always had a problem only planning the future and not appreciating the present.. but its good to do both! Happy fourth of july!


  2. I totally feel you on this one, I’m always forward thinking & planning, which sometimes is good sometimes not. I personally HATE summer, can’t wait for Fall & Winter. Enjoy the weekend & holiday, Amy!

    1. Dang I don’t hear too often about people hating the summer, but I definitely do prefer fall/winter so long as it’s in LA :P Hope you had a great weekend, Sam!

    2. Dang I don’t hear too often about people hating the summer, but I definitely do prefer fall/winter so long as it’s in LA :P Hope you had a great weekend, Sam!

  3. How have I not visited your site up until now?? I’m in awe of those beautiful DIY posts you wrote recently~I can be quite crafty IF I put my mind and TIME into it, but the problem is the “latter” two, lol. at least living it vicariously through someone like you–with such passion to even plan that much ahead–makes me all giddy. :) And enjoy the beachy weather!!! I actually hate sunny, summery weather yada yada! But I always enjoy the beach. Rain or shine. And we are soo close! I live near Torrance so I’m delighted to meet a fellow Angelena, Amy! Ummm hope I run into you in the sweetest and non-creepy way. ^_^

    1. Never creepy! Always great to hear from another angelena :)
      So happy you’re here Ellie, and interesting to see you are the second commenter to not love summer weather (whaaat). Summer is basically over tomorrow judging by how fast it’s already going by, so you’re in luck.

  4. I live in Milwaukee and went to the beach Sunday since it was humid and hot/warm. Lake Michigan is really my go to area when I wanna sometimes be alone and just relax. Whenever I relocate, I’m not sure I can entertain a city that isn’t by a body of water or at least 30 mins within a lake. I talk negatively about my city a lot but I’m lucky to really be a 15/20 mins from the lake. I think we all should take more time for ourselves than just holidays.

    Beautiful backdrop for your pic!

    1. Lake Michigan is beautiful! I frequented there back when I lived in Chicago and regularly miss it, so yes, definitely lucky to only be 15/20 min away from it. And I definitely share the same feelings as you about staying close to water- I don’t think I could go without it, either. Hope you enjoyed the holiday, Miya!

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