02/19 Friday Finds

Friday Finds


I knew this week would go by fast, but man… that was fast.  I spent the week successfully fighting off being on the verge of getting sick, yes!  That verge always feels like I’m hanging off a cliff and mustering all the grip strength I have to get back up over the edge, grip strength being increased mostly by plenty of sleep.  Incredibly pleased to report that my initial cold symptoms are wearing off.  Excellent timing for the weekend.

Made good progress on making changes to my workspace, which the photo above is a tiny experimental snippet of that I shared on Instagram, and I’ll finally be sharing all of that soon.  This weekend will definitely be spent on finishing it off.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy this week’s links!

50 thing to eat in LA before you die.

Especially love the bedroom.

Terribly excited for the IKEA VIKTIGT collection.

Adorable mini plant pot DIY.

Guaranteed to make you smile.

I LOVE this wedding. Every single detail.

Beautiful minimal home with my now favorite bathroom.

Very creative photo display idea.

The outdoor party I wish I had thrown.

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