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DIY Modern Yarn Hanging

DIY- Modern Wall Hanging

Didn’t you know I love wall hangings?  Really wasn’t intending on doing many of these, but the inspiration kept coming.  I see a lot of these types of hangings in stores all over LA, and strangely when I bumped into these gold rings at the craft store, they made me think of the rings I’m wearing on my index finger in this photo, which is what inspired the design for this hanging.  Weird, right?  I like it when inspiration strikes in unexpected ways, mmhmm.

-gold rings in 1.5″ and 3″
Krazy glue
-cardboard (about 14″ in length)
-round wood dowel (cut mine to about 7.25″)

string ringI cut a piece of yarn and folded it in half, then put it through the 1.5″ gold ring.

loopTaking the loose ends of the string, I pulled them through the yarn loop and then pulled down, but not all the way.  I kept it loose like shown in the above right photo.  *This is called a lark’s head knot and will be done a bajillion more times for this DIY*

tied dowelI double knotted the loose ends of the yarn to each end of a wood dowel, then reinforced the knots with a dab of Krazy glue before cutting off the excess yarn.  Weird note- I find watching the glue seep into the knot very satisfying and consider it one of my too-specific favorite craft things.

second loopWith another half-folded piece of yarn, this time knotted at the other end, I tied a lark’s head knot around the 3″ ring., pulling it tight.

connecting ringsI pulled this yarn through the loop of the first lark’s head knot that I left open/loose and tied a Lark’s head knot around THAT.  Larkception (do people still make that joke?).  After pulling that tight, I reinforced the knot with Krazy glue before cutting off the excess yarn.  Then, I pulled the first lark’s head knot tight to secure everything onto the gold ring.

top piece

^Progress report.

yarnI hacksawed a piece of cardboard about 14″ in length from a box and used it to wrap the yarn around it 10 times.  Cutting down one end if the yarn yields this bundle of of half folded yarn.  Guess what I did with it?

yarn hangingsYup, giant lark’s head knot around the the dowel.  I made six of these across the dowel, pulling each one as tightly as possible.


Final step was to give it a hair cut.

DIY yarn hanging-3

Modern yarn hanging DIY-2

DIY Modern yarn hangingsI ended up making two because I couldn’t decide which color yarn to get, so I got both.  I went with the charcoal gray first thinking I’d love it more, but I’m not as impressed with the color as I am with the linen-colored yarn.  It looks much more multi-dimensional than I thought it would, which is what I expected would be the case with the charcoal color, but linen wins this one by far.

What do you think?  What color(s) would you make this in?

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  1. Perfect! I’ll be visiting my tweenage grand-daughter this weekend and have been looking for something we can do that doesn’t take more than just the weekend. She has just redecorated her room, and has asked about nice looking DIY projects to add to her decor. This will make a fun trip to the craft store to choose colors for her room—and for my stairway wall–that we can do together. Thank You!

  2. This is so beautiful. I love that it is simple, I am not a weaver so the more intricate wall hangings are way past my skills! I can see myself making lots of these :)

  3. Amy – these are so cute and they look pretty easy to make too. I think I’m going to try them out but with a two colours per wall hanging. Maybe Marsala and seafoam? I’ll tweet you a photo. Thanks for sharing – your crafts are always the best!

  4. I am obsessed with these…nice job! What brand, type and color of yarn did you use? These two colors together are a perfect match for what I am looking for! Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Alyssa! Blah, I don’t remember the brand name at all, but the color names were literally Linen and Charcoal. I’ll update you if I somehow figure out what exactly they were!

  5. i love this! I attempted to make one but am having trouble with all my yarn tangling or “bunching” together when I try to comb it out. Any tips?

    1. Hi Kristina! I don’t think I’m familiar with this issue. For combing out the yarn, I very gently and lightly used my fingertips and would squeeze the yarn in bunches to keep it together while doing this. I’d also gently shake the dowel to shake out the yarn and any weird things it was doing. No idea if this helps, but that’s what I did!

  6. Hi Amy!

    I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I made a variation of this design (I couldn’t find any brass rings anywhere, so I just did the ‘hanging’ portion of the yarn) for three of my friends as Christmas presents this year, and they all LOVED them! I’m so excited to make my own, too – and to try out a whole bunch more of your DIYs…thanks so much for posting them! :)

  7. This is so gorgeous! I’m curious about the potted plant with the water colored leaves you have in the first image. What plant is that?

  8. Made one yesterday larger scale using chunky yarn. Was so easy and turned out great. Learned something I didn’t know though- if you put super glue on cotton yarn it starts to smoke and heat up.😬 I’ll be using hot glue next time.

  9. This is one of the most beautiful DIY’s I have ever seen! So glad I found your site! I have bought all of the materials except for the dowels. Do you know about the diameter? I know this is a silly question but I’m trying to order online and don’t have a clue what size I should order! I see you cut your to 7.25″ so I will get my honey to do that part for me! :)

    1. Hi MC! The diameter is about 1cm. Not a silly question at all, I totally would’ve asked the same (and should’ve included that measurement to begin with!) Really happy to hear you’ll be trying this out. Thanks for being here <3

  10. Do you have a YouTube for this? I understand the whole thing, except for the part in the beginning where you are attaching the two rings with the yarn pieces… Can figure out where/how you’re looping over. I get how to do the larkspur. I need to watch this in motion as I just don’t get it after reading it many times over. Thanks!

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