03/29 DIY Roundups

Simple and Modern DIYs for the Home

Simple and Modern DIYs for the homeIt’s my favorite category of DIY, surprise surprise.  As always, keeping it simple is best and honestly what I’ve found to be the best way to stay motivated about making your own decor.  Especially considering the 392 decisions that need be made for redoing our place lately, now doesn’t feel like the time to DIY something complicated that’s going to take 7 days and 7 nights and build a pile of stress.  That’s the reality of it for all of us, no?  So hopefully any of these simple ideas inspire you to take on a project or create a new idea even if you’re feeling like you can’t find the time for it.


mirrors6Hanging mirrors by Passion Shake for Decor8

wool wall hangingWool wall hanging by We Are Scout

wall-gridWall grid by DIY in PDX

copper-message-boardCopper message board by Francois et Moi

DIY Mini Wood Plant StandsMini plant stands by Homey Oh My! (in case you missed it!)

leather strap rail diyLeather magazine holders by Burkatron

4 comments on “Simple and Modern DIYs for the Home”

  1. These are amazing DIY’s I like all. Now I am confused which one should I try first. That’s happen just because of your hard work. Thanks for putting it here.

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