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Pastel Interiors

Pastel Interiors

So.  Pastels.  I generally don’t prefer them unless it’s nail polish.  For me, pastels have always been strictly associated with things like Easter and baby showers and I never thought twice about the potential to decorate the home with them.  I found myself curious lately about this dilemma with Spring-time being the season of pastels, and as per usual, I’ve been proven wrong by all the amazing inspiration out there.  In their essence, pastels are pretty feminine, but they can also add a surprisingly modern edge!  Take a look and see what I mean.

Blue pastel chairs

Mint bedroom wall with ikat bedding

Mint book shelf

Mint chair

Mint dresser and neon yellow stool

Mint walls

Pastel blue couch

Pastel blue headboard

Pastel blue stools

Pastel coffee table

pastel living room

Pastel modern living room

Pastel pink couch

Pastel pink wall

Had to throw this next one in here because the message is too good.  Who’s excited for a weekend of staying in???

Staying in is the new going out

I’m finding I like pastels with black and white.  Really though, you can make me like anything by pairing it with black and white ;).  I tend to prefer the mint, green, and blue pastels, although I am warming up to soft pinks.  Still unsure if I’d incorporate these colors into my own home, but I do have a new-found appreciation for their comforting and calming quality.

How do you feel about pastels?  Do you decorate with them at all?

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15 comments on “Pastel Interiors”

  1. OH hey, this girl is excited for a staying in weekend :p I feel you girl. This spring fever’s got me loving and pinning all these pastels but I never really thought of myself as a pastel girl. This post is making me rethink though would it be possible for me to add a splash?? I don’ know. Come to my home and help me redecorate! :D

  2. My favorites are the ones anchored with bold black&white accents. It helps it from looking to sweet and precious. I never would have thought of myself as a pastel person either, but these photos made me realize how much I actually do like them!

  3. These are such great examples of pastels done RIGHT. I love the ones combined with black and white for some added contrast. While a bit too feminine for my male-centered home (I’m out numbered 3-to-1) I love the idea of pastels for a “lady cave” office someday.

  4. I am loving pastels at the moment, and these photos are all so inspiring! Love it!
    I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award :)


  5. If everything in my home and closet could be in pastels I would totally make it happen. This post is going to be all over my Pinterest. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

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