01/08 Friday Finds

Friday Finds


2016 so far so excellent, yes?  Thanks so much for the positive response to the post from earlier this week about goal setting.  Really good to hear you guys confirm that we have similar goals and struggles.  2015 across the board seemed to especially be the year of being overworked (I suspect each year feels like that in some way).

It’s going to be a quiet weekend for me, other than perhaps getting lost at IKEA and another visit to this waffle joint that recently opened up walking distance from us.  Is that not a sign to eat more waffles?  I did mention that I want to do that.

Happy weekend!


20 one week European itineraries– great timing after my recent talk of planning on going this year!

Love all the details of this work space.

DIY for the dreamiest chunky knit throw.

We need new ones and I can’t decide if I want to pull the trigger on these. Should I?

Making a Murderer fans: you’ll find this hilarious (and accurate???)

Another gorgeous Scandinavian home tour

Beautifully simple way to repurpose a Christmas ornament.

Still love this song, still my fav music video from 2015, still have dreams of being a video girl, still forgive him, still dance listen to it while I’m working on the blog.

On that previous note, an insightful comic about a habit I think most of us have.


*Image from my Instagram

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  1. Triple yay to waffles (I mean, that’s like the best thing ever – if, by any chance, you get to Brussels on your Euro trip, you MUST try the Belgian ones, they are epic!). And how pretty is that Scandi home tour? So clean, bright and well styled. Happy weekend, and thank you for the inspiring reads!

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