06/27 Friday Finds

Friday Finds


Friday FindsHappy Friday!  I usually feel like the week flies by, but this week slowed down a lot towards the end because… I started my first juice cleanse ever.  I shared on Instagram that I’m doing it with my boyfriend and let me tell ya… nothing slows down time like constantly feeling hungry does.  The only thing we’ve been talking about is what we’re going to eat once it’s over.

So this weekend, I’ll be looking forward to my first real meal in three days.  That sounds so weird, but I’m seriously SO excited for it, which sounds even more weird.  In the meantime, here are some things I love and what’s been inspiring me lately!

H&M Marble

mug | plate | mini plate | pitcher

Some stuff I got from H&M recently!  For the affordable prices, I had to check out the pretty marble-y stuff.  Also couldn’t say no to the pitcher because of the simple sleek shape and the gold rim.  Swoon.  I can absolutely see myself using it for flowers.

apartment-34-office-4Do you ever look at perfectly curated shelf decor and wish you could just transport it into your home?  That’s how I feel about this etagere, and really about everything from the Apartment 34 office reveal.

popcorn-25-of-590625Delia Creates shared TEN simple popcorn recipes, and they all look aaaaaamazing.  Out of all of them, I’d want to try the marshmallow one most, but right now I’d like to eat all of them all at once.

what the flockIsn’t this card so flocking cute?  So is everything else in Vitamini Handmade’s shop.

geo paper

Free printable geometric wrapping paper from Something Peach.  I love anything geometric and summer has me craving bright, bold colors, so naturally, this wrapping paper is perfect <3.


Please tell me you are following Sara at Tell Love and Chocolate.  She is such a stylish lady and you can see it in everything she makes, like these stunning centerpiece boxes.

umbrella6Alexis from Persia Lou, one of my fav crafters out there, gave her outdoor umbrella a most adorable makeover.  She also made a really cool spray painting mistake that you need to see.

spicejars_finished4_blogI didn’t know there was chalk paint for glass until I saw these adorable spice jars from Stephanie at Make and Tell.  I love her simple and clean style!

8f87fb82f4caf59348a0bed35d8587d6So inspired by Sarah Brown’s home tour shared on A Beautiful Mess.  You might be able to guess that I love the predominantly black and white color scheme, and it’s my dream to learn how to mix different styles so seamlessly like this.

Any of these jumping out at you or inspiring you to get crafty?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, or what you last ate, because I’m so hungry right now.

Have a beautiful weekend my loves <3.

15 comments on “Friday Finds”

    1. Amy… I LOVE food. It’s seriously so strange that I’m doing this. There was also the biggest most delicious looking lunch potluck at work today D: Terrible timing. Thank you for your encouragement, I need it!

    1. Yeaaaaa I think I’ll be posting about that soon haha. Didn’t think people would be interested in that but seems like they are!

  1. Thanks so much for including me in your lovely round-up Amy! And kudos for doing the juice cleanse – I hope your first meal this weekend is everything you dreamed it’d be :) xx

  2. I actually did my first juice cleanse last month and kind of enjoyed it. Weirdly enough, you stop missing food after day 5 or so. And even weirder – I now crave vegetable juice if I don’t have it for a day. Enjoy your first solid meal!…and I think I need that gold rimmed pitcher :)

    1. You went longer than 5 days??? Yea, no, I wouldn’t agree to do it that long, but that’s pretty impressive that you did! First solid meal was today. It was strange… haha I’m going to talk more about it tomorrow!

  3. One thing I miss about not living in LA is not having everything at my shopping finger tips. I had NO idea H&M carries home in the US now. Next trip to CA, I am going to go nuts. Thanks for sharing! Also, dying over that outdoor umbrella DIY and the chalkboard painted spice jars. LOVE!

    1. Oh my goodness, girl… H&M is one of my fav places to shop for home, though I wish they carried it all in stores and not just online! But, that means you can shop from home :)
      Awesome to hear you enjoyed those DIYs. Love those ladies in general too, so I’m happy to spread the love!

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