07/10 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

The Fig House

This week I learned that having an excellent few hours of daytime partying on a Wednesday can make the whole week fly by.  It’s possible other factors were in play, but at the very least, this was the highlight of my week FOR SURE.  I took the shot above at The Fig House where I attended a blogger party and it was stupendous.  All my favorite things were there: food, crafting, flowers, and good people.  I loved it.  And just look at those rugs!

There’s been an unusual amount of to-do’s outside of the blog lately so I’ve done a lot of unplugging this week, which is great, but those hours get logged by themselves and need to be made up for somehow, of course.  So, it’s about to be a mostly working weekend for me, plus taking it easy and catching up on Z’s- only the best!  Hope you’re heading off to a best weekend, too <3.

Signing off with this weeks favorite links:

Will you be in LA tomorrow, Saturday the 11th?  I’m going to this pop-up shop and you should too!

Impressed with this rope bag DIY.

A tactic to help us stop procrastinating once and for all?  I understand if you want to read it later.

Lots of lovely, simple details in this home tour.

The power of a simple and effective DIY, and just a blog with overall amazing style.

These look like I’d have zero portion control over them.

The best beauty buy I’ve made this year.

Entertained by this: 15 words you can’t translate into English.

Wish I had a place for this mat.



5 comments on “Friday Finds”

  1. I am loving that rug too, sounds like you’ve got a great weekend planned! I definitely need to catch up on my z’s but darn this newborn, I love her but seriously girl let me get some sleep!!!

  2. I am IN LOVE with that marble lamp (but then you know how I feel about marble). I stared in awe at that rope bag– I couldn’t believe it was a DIY! My need to learn to sew is growing greater by the minute.

  3. I have a thing for velvet couches… HA Love that room, it’s gorgeous! Love how most of the words you can’t translate into English is in Japanese!

    1. Yes yes yes, the perfect blue velvet couch is on my dream wishlist! And yea, isn’t that interesting? I took Japanese in highschool and I remember my teacher saying Japanese is a notable language for how sophisticated it is yet still very simple in structure. She also may have been a little biased ;)

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