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Fall Flowers

Fall Floral Arrangement

You know what tomorrow is?  Tomorrow is officially FALL.  Yessss.  I can feel the fall buzz in the air and it seems like most everyone says it’s their favorite season.  Is it yours?  It’s mine <3.

It makes sense that this time of year is so exciting since it kicks off a train of holidays, celebrations, and extended time spent with our favorite people.  Honestly though, the thing I probably love the most about fall… is pumpkin flavored everything.  I squealed when I saw the wall of pumpkin bread mix boxes at Trader Joe’s last week.

Ok but yea, I also love the cooler weather, fall fashion (my fav fashion), and the rich jewel tones that typically come out during this time.  So to welcome my favorite season, I thought nothing would be more appropriate than a fall floral arrangement, yea?

Fall Flowers


Flower Recipe:
-Safari Sunset
-Seeded Eucalyptus

All arranged in a gorgeous copper pitcher that I shared recently on Instagram and am obsessed with.  I have multiple pitchers in my life, and I only use them for flowers.

There’s also a little bonus.  Because I never throw away the extra or broken off stems of flowers, I gathered these little nuggets into a smaller arrangement… in a copper mug!

Fall flowers in a copper mugCute!  I guess I’ll make mules in my copper mugs too, maybe, I don’t know, flowers are a pretty good idea for now.

Copper mug and pitcher floral arrangementsThe power of flowers.  Flower power.  They set the mood so good, almost like taking in a deep breath of fresh air and exhaling a gigantic smile, right?  It’s fall, y’all!!


27 comments on “Fall Flowers”

  1. I don’t like fall, I only like the heat. These arrangements are beautiful though, and they look fantastic in the copper pitcher and mug. I’m working on bringing flowers into the home more often and learning to arrange them nicely too.


    1. Really! I can’t take too much heat, but LA stays pretty good year round, so I’m happy not experiencing either extreme ;). Happy to hear you’re bringing flowers into your home- they’re a must for me!

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