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DIY Eucalyptus Garland

DIY Eucalyptus garland

Of course we gotta welcome my favorite season with a simple DIY.  Happy first day of fall!!!   The easiest way to bring the season into the home is by bringing in whatever flowers and greens are in season.  That probably sounds really obvious, but I feel like this is the first time I’m very serious about that fact.

Fall makes me think of greens and foliage, more specifically eucalyptus.  I love it for how it can stand alone and look bangin’ just thrown into a vase, which is mostly what will probably be going on in my home this season.  For today’s post though, I took it just a little bit further and made a really easy and minimal garland with seeded eucalyptus, perfect for fall party decor or for no reason at all other than it’s pretty and you want to look at it on your wall (that was my reason).


-seeded eucalyptus
floral shears
-cord or string
floral wire
-wire cutters

cutI started by cutting up the eucalyptus into its individual branches while also cutting off any bulky or crazy wayward looking pieces.

wire Next, I attached each branch to the string by wrapping wire all along the main stem.

wire wrapped

wire end

I did this all along the string with all the branches, slightly overlapping the new branch with the previous branch so that it looked as continuous as possible.

Eucalyptus garland

And then it just needs to be hung up.  Anywhere.  Where wouldn’t it look good??

DIY- Eucalyptus garland

Eucalyptus garland DIY

In the past, I think I’ve looked at seasonal decorating as a major overhaul, which made me feel unmotivated about it and not want to get too seasonal around here, but I can get down with keeping to simple details (favorite).  Are you into seasonal decorating?

42 comments on “DIY Eucalyptus Garland”

    1. Oo perfect timing indeed. I bought this bunch from Whole Foods. There’s a particular location nearby me that is EXCELLENT about having the newest seasonal blooms first. If I need anything in bulk though, I go to the wholesale flower market downtown.

  1. I love seasonal decorating and I love how simple and grown-up this DIY is; I’ve definitely noticed my taste for seasonal decorating has matured, i.e. using this DIY instead of just placing plastic pumpkins everywhere. Lol!

    XX Laura

    1. Haha plastic pumpkins are fine, too! Kitschy holiday decorating can be a lot of fun, but totally, I feel my tastes changing a lot towards the more subtle details.

  2. Every time I spot something adorable on Craftgawker then I discover it’s from your blog! Can’t believe it, amazing project as usual.
    Anyway I’m not really into seasonal decorating, but definitely trying to get in the mood ;)

    1. Aw, that’s lovely to hear Irene, thank you. I find it hard sometimes to get motivated about seasonal decorating, but it really doesn’t have to be much to make a difference, and fall is just my absolute favorite!

  3. Wow, how wonderful! I love how simple it is. How long would the garland last? Would it typically need to be in water? I may have found my fall decorating muse!

    1. Hi, Kerry! The garland will start to get crispy after a couple days, but dried seeded eucalyptus holds its leaves and colors pretty well! Really hope you give it a go- you’ll love it.

    1. Right? Getting seasonal with plants sounds obvious, but I feel like we could all talk about it a lot more haha. Thank you, Angelina!

  4. omg! this is so beautiful! my cousin is getting married in a couple weeks and i’m in charge of decor! i’m totally making this!! thanks for the tutorial!!

  5. Hello,

    Awesome DIY’s you got here. I was wondering if you could share where you bought your white string and your wire cutter?

  6. How many bunches are required for this look? I am interested in crafting garland for farm tables for my daughter’s wedding reception but have no idea how many bunches it would take to make a 6ft. garland. Any information is greatly appreciated!!

    1. Hi Lisa! One fairly large bunch was enough for me to make 5 7 foot garlands, and I still had a little less than half left over. The hard thing to gauge is whether the branches end up being on the shorter or longer side, and I didn’t use any funky looking ones. I would err on the side of getting more than you think, if possible, plus it won’t be hard to use up the extra somewhere else in the reception. Hope this gives you a better idea, and congrats on your daughter getting married!!

  7. Hi!
    I was just wondering how long the garland lasted? I need to do this for a wedding and I was just wondering how far in advance I could make it.

    1. Hi Amy! The closer to the event the better. Technically it lasts a long time because the eucalyptus dries well in terms of staying intact, but it will start to get crispy and shrivel a little after 2 days. If you’re ok with that dried look though I’d say you’ll be ok making them 1-2 weeks in advance.

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