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DIY Double Ring Wall Hanging

DIY Double Ring Wall Hanging

I’ve been tossing around a few ideas on what to do for the rest of our bedroom, namely the bed and above/beside the bed, and in my attempt at making a macrame hanging that I’m still not sure yet will turn out, I got sidetracked and tried to adapt that idea to a couple gold rings I had leftover from previous projects, then found that the thickness of the macrame rope wasn’t looking as cool as I thought it would for this, then reverted back to my trusty yarn and ended up here!

I know, I’ve only done a million wall hangings already, but aside from how I love them forever, they’re so easy and perfect for blank spaces like the one going on in my bedroom.  I’m actually really enjoying the not entirely on purpose super minimalism going on in this room lately and want to savor the calm of the blankness before trying other ideas I have that I’m going to brew over for a while in typical fashion, so for now I thought something small and ornamental like this wall hanging would be cute to hang up, and for very little hassle at that.  Ok I’ll show you!

3 inch gold ring
6 inch gold ring

Larks head knot

Tie a lark’s head knot with the string around both rings.  Do this by folding the string in half and creating a loop, then pulling the ends of the string around the rings through that loop (more on this type of knot here.)

Tie and glue

Wrap the string around the rings down one side, then down to the other side, then come back to the center before double knotting the string in place with the knot facing the back.  Apply a couple drops of glue to the knot to secure it.  A gel formula works best since it soaks right into the string.

yarnTie long pieces of yarn around the 3 inch ring in lark’s head knots.  I did a total of 11 of these.



Cut the excess yarn off the bottom either straight across or however you’d like.  I considered angling it or doing a staircase pattern, which I still might do.

Double Ring Wall Hanging - DIY

DIY- Double Ring Wall Hanging

DIY - Double Ring Wall Hanging

Double Ring Wall Hanging- DIY-2

I’ll be relocating this wall hanging elsewhere in a bit since I have plans for a sconce to be replacing it soon, and next time you see this bedroom there will probably be art above the bed, but I’m still going to try and finish the macrame idea and share that if it’s good for yet another wall hanging DIY for you to enjoy.  We love wall hangings, yes??

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  1. Wow ! Besides being very beautiful, delicate and sounds easy to do! Plus it only uses a very few items! I can not wait to put one in my room, it will be very cute! Thanks for sharing! :)

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