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DIY Black, White, and Gold Ornaments

Black white and gold ornamentsLast week I announced that we’d be revealing our mystery supply challenge ornaments today, right now, it’s here!  I hinted at what my color scheme would be, but you guys really didn’t need that at all to guess what I’d be doing, right??

Here’s a little refresher if anyone is confused about what’s going.  Each participant in the mystery supply challenge was given the same list of supplies to create ornaments, and any additional supplies desired could be used.  It’s definitely inspired by the TV show Chopped, minus the competition part- this is just for pure, creative fun!

Here are the required supplies for the challenge.

– 1 pack of clear glass/plastic ornaments
– 1 Sharpie paint pen, any color (I used gold, naturally!)
– 1 bag of faux snow
– 1 roll of ribbon, any color and width (I used black in 1/8″ width)

The challenge allowed the use of any additional materials, so I added the following:
gold spray paint
painters tape
-aluminum foil
Mod Podge
-3/8″ black ribbon

Creating a gold-dipped look is something I really like to do (y’all know me) but I knew the Sharpie paint pen wouldn’t be as clean as I wanted, so gold spray paint was for sure going to be necessary.

TapingI taped the ornament at about the half way point, then covered the rest of the bottom with aluminum foil.  I sprayed 2-3 light coats of gold spray paint across the top of the ornament, including the cap, then removed the tape and aluminum foil.

gold paintSide note: I get asked a lot how I create straight and clean paint lines, and part of my answer is that I don’t.  You can see above it’s not perfectly straight, and my point is that it’s ok!  Especially with what I’ll be showing next with the ribbon.

ribbon 1I glued on the 1/8″ black ribbon down the side of the ornament, dabbing Mod Podge with a Q-tip at the start of the ribbon, the middle, and the end of the ribbon so that it came around back to the top again, which is where I cut the ribbon.

Ribbon glued to ornamentsI did this in a radial design, meaning all strips of ribbon intersected at the same spot at the bottom of the ornament (I’ll show a shot of that soon).

faux snowNext, I used a funnel to pour faux snow into the ornament.  The type of snow I used wasn’t fine at all, so I repeatedly jabbed a chopstick (so Asian) down the funnel to help it all get into the ornament.

black white gold ornament

Sharpie polka dotsOn the 3/8″ black ribbon, I dotted on the gold, Sharpie paint pen to create a polka dot pattern, then tied the ribbon into a bow on each ornament.

DIY ornaments

DIY Black white gold ornaments

Black white and gold ornamentThe faux snow was the material I was most not looking forward to because I didn’t think it looked that great, but it ended up giving a subtle, icy effect and it isn’t as terrible as I thought it would be.  They’re hanging here from my Christmas tree, which I’ll be showing you guys very soon!

What’d you guys think of this challenge?  Would you have done some of the same things I did?

Go ahead and check out all the other ideas for this challenge from the rest of the participants.  I know you guys are dying to see them all!


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35 comments on “DIY Black, White, and Gold Ornaments”

    1. I’m honored to think of anything similar to you <3 I totally used the ribbon for just hanging at first, too. That's what it's there for, right??

    1. If it weren’t for having to use the paint pen I wouldn’t have “jazzed up” the ribbon haha, so it’s great to hear you like them! Thanks, Bre!

    1. I would seriously be so interested in seeing what you’d do for a challenge like this. I’d bet you’d come up with something gorgeous!
      Thanks so much, Steph <3

  1. i think you’re the winner, for use of all four elements. my first idea was to paint the ribbon somehow also, glad to see how nice it looks pulling everything together here.

    1. I wouldn’t have painted the ribbon if it weren’t for the required Sharpie! I do agree though that it pulled everything together. Thanks so much, Jeannette!

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