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Black and White Living Rooms

Maybe you already knew, but the inspiration driving my living room makeover is black and white.  Surprise surprise!   I’ve been taking a lot of cues from Scandinavian and minimal designs because I’m simply most drawn to those, and though I’ve fantasized about having a wonderfully eclectic colorful home, my first love has always been a chic, neutral space.

The big decision right now is on a sofa, and the frontrunner is a white (maybe gray) one.  Wait wait wait, what happened to the blue velvet sofa obsession??  I know!  With the way things have been coming along, throwing in a dramatic blue velvet sofa would look SWEET, but a more neutral option is tugging at me even more.  Overall though, I’m struggling the most with this decision.  We might need to have a vote on the blog soon.

Still have a few more tough decisions to make, but something I like to do to help guide me is to keep inspiration photos on a private Pinterest board, and when I come across decor I’m contemplating, I ask myself if it would fit into these spaces.  I do believe in if you like it, you like it, but I also think guidelines need to be in place to keep on track, especially for someone like me who can get carried away with liking a lot of different things.

Current inspiration:

beni_ourain_1Coffee table and Beni Ourain rug of my dreams.  Both with price tags that hurt, ha!  I did get a moroccan shag rug I LOVE though and shared a peek on Instagram.

monochrome living room

monochrome living

monochrome pillowsNeutral/monochrome pillows= yummy.

monochromeI’m not a pink person, but suddenly soft pinks are looking amazing to me.  Also love the idea of a dark charcoal sofa.


black and white living roomThis space is probably my most favorite.


white sectionalAnd what about a sectional??  That option is in the running, too, though boyf isn’t a fan which is not at all what I expected he’d say.  Oh yea, I’m taking his opinions into consideration.  So kind of me, right?

Liking any of these spaces?  Do you keep style-themed pinboards to help guide your decor decisions, too?

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13 comments on “Black and White Living Rooms”

  1. I’ve been asking myself my entire marriage why and how my husband has come up with opinions on things relating to home decor. He’s never purchased one thing for our house yet somehow strongly objects to lots of my ideas. I hated my last house because I listened to him too much.. NO MORE! I love this crisp white with rich green accents. So pretty

    1. HAHA exactly why I hate a lot of the way our place has been for the past two years- NO MORE. Although yea if I’m deciding between two things I’ll ask him, and I’ve totally noticed his opinions on decor have gotten stronger! It’s a mystery to me, too.

  2. I’m about to move into a new house, so I’ve been using Pinterest OBSESSIVELY to help me plan my whole decorating strategy. I’ve noticed that when I look through my pins, even though I pin every random thing I like, I’ll see certain trends happening over and over again. I started a secret board to keep track of them and that’s what I’m using as the starting point for the decor. Pinterest is so great for that!

    1. Yes! There’s always a trend across all those “random” things we pin. I can’t remember life before Pinterest- it’s so essential for easy moodboarding.

  3. Love all these spaces plus black and white is so stylish! I also start each project with pinning inspiration images…now when I’m (kind of) finishing my little studio I can definitely tell that Pinterest helped a lot to guide my style decisions :P Can’t wait to see your living room finished. Hugs from Italy x

  4. Looks so symply and kind of classic! I adore your ideas! By using white and black for the living room it seems that we are making the best decision for our home! Thank you for sharing your thoughts,darling! :)You are great!
    A lot of kisses,

  5. I just love white-coloured furniture these days. I am thinking of doing something with my cottage and I have chosen only white or very light-coloured furniture and decoration. Hope it looks as good as this place.

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